Medea the Witch Special Promotion Starts Wednesday:

Cheops Books LLC is featuring Medea the Witch on its Special Promotions Page this week. You will be able to download it for free starting Wednesday on Amazon Kindle. It is a mythological tale about ancient Greece that features the Thera volcano. It formed a huge caldera that you can still visit today on the island of Santorini in a region that is still seismically unstable.

Medea the Witch is the story of Jason and Medea told from the point of view of Medea. This is not the more familiar tale of Jason’s voyage to Colchis in which the latter encounters Harpies and monsters at every turn (i.e., the material of the 1950’s movie Jason and the Argonauts), but rather it is the tale of the clash of two very different cultures. Medea comes from the fading world of Goddess worshipers with a long matriarchal tradition. She is suddenly thrust into Jason’s Greek world of the followers of the Sky God Zeus where women are best left behind veils. No one understands her “magic” and she is called a “witch.” She is left to defend herself as best she can. The death of her tradition combines with the havoc wreaked by the Thera volcanic eruption at the end of the Bronze Age to presage the end of her world.

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