Revamp Old Faithful Plot Book Cover:

For the Old Faithful Plot book cover show a blue Cadillac V16 of a 1933 vintage meandering slowly through the morass of the Yellowstone hot pots and geysers. Dora and Edward are driving in the car, Edward at the steering wheel. They are both looking in horror out Dora’s passenger side window down at a bubbling mudpot by the side of the road. The image of Dora will resemble the face of the lady in the cover for Salisbury Plot. Edward’s face will be like that of Lawrence’s companion in the cover for Armistice Plot. Both will be dressed in 1930’s clothing as they gape in disbelief at what awaits them in the plot of this novel.

Old Faithful Plot, an historical thriller by Dora Benley, will soon be published by Cheops Books, LLC.

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Helga Takes Edward Captive in Denali:

“You do have Lady Ware in your custody, don’t you?” Helga prompted the monster.

The creature nodded and answered in some sort of incomprehensible brogue that sounded like a combination of very bad Russian and something else —- maybe Alaskan? He could not imagine where she had gotten a worker like that —- from the Russian goolag? Siberia? Edward did want to probe too deeply into whether he was really human or not.

“She will be our next experimental victim,” said the man that Helga had termed Dr. Frankenstein.

What was he, a Nazi reject from the Third Reich? Had he taken refuge in Russia after the war?

“So you see, Edward?” Helga purred as she reached out to smooth down his collar. “You don’t really have any choice but to do as I say, right?” she prompted him.

Edward could see the writing on the wall as he followed her into an inner room in this Ice Palace of hers. She led him into her inner sanctum to her bed. He knew her ways from long ago. Soon she was undressed beckoning to him as she had done thousands of times before. He did not want to approach her bed. He knew what would happen from long experience, but he had no choice.

Soon her long, svelte arms were around him pressing her hands into all his pockets as she stripped him of his clothing piece by piece. As he plunged into her he remembered long ago scenes where they lay in the rose-colored sands by the red colored walls of Petra in the Syrian Desert making and conceiving their bastard son together. But he tried to put it aside. He knew what would come next.

“Oh, look what I found!” Helga waved a note in the air. It was from Churchill, of course, talking about Kruschev and Lawrence’s latest map defending Britain against Russian nuclear attack. “This is just the sort of thing I am paid to find.” Her eyes glittered. “If you hand over that map, I will give you back your wife.”

Fortunately Helga was so mesmerized by her “find” that she could not help staring at it intensely as if it would give up even more secrets with intense scrutiny. Edward took advantage of her momentary lapse in concentration to creep up behind the naked woman and gag her, tying a cloth around her mouth. After that he bound her to the bedpost with more sashes and ties and torn sheets.

Edward quickly dressed and made his way out the back of her bedroom into the snow. He knew he had but a short time to find his wife and be out of harm’s way. Who knew what kind of creeps and misbegotten creatures Helga had collected here to help her with her spying mission for a Russian dictator.

He noticed the dimensions of the compound huddling down towards the ground and much of it underground. A good snow could cover it all so that it would not be visible. The runway could easily be covered. A careless park ranger might not notice anything at all.

Edward figured that Dora must be hidden in the main building up ahead. But before he could reach it he saw a figure emerge dragging a woman tied up with ropes. He started to head across the snowy field with her pushing her ahead of him.

Edward quickly started after them. But he could not reach the man with the fighting woman who began to look more and more like Dora before he reached a dog sled. He was off mushing the dogs leaving Edward in the snow that had started to fall.

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Rommel: The General’s Namesake:
Here we have Rommel the black Labrador Retriever, pure bred and descended of a noble stock. He is pictured crooning to his favorite songs in the backseat of our minivan here at Cheops Books LLC. He was named after the famous World War 2 German general of the same name. Erwin Rommel figures in several of our historical thriller novels such as Captive at the Berghof parts 1 and 2 and in Hitler’s Agent and Helga’s Reich. He is the great antagonist of General Lord Edward Ware in North Africa in 1942, particularly at the Battle of El Alamein. General Rommel wants the Lawrence maps, key to world domination, to learn how to avoid the soft sands in the Sahara Desert in order to take Cairo and Alexandria and push the British out of Mid-East Headquarters and out of Africa itself. We here at Cheops Books LLC thought Rommel was a fitting name for a pugnacious dog who loves to dart about. When running he moves with the speed of a charging tank. Very appropriate indeed.


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