Facebook’s Hate Speech Witch Hunt:

Facebook has accused me of “hate speech” for declaring that I do not believe in affirmative action just like Justice Clarence Thomas who is himself a black. But I am in good company.

I have also read that Facebook has censored Elizabeth Heng, a Cambodian American candidate for the US House of Representatives from California. She tried to place an ad about the ethnic cleansing going on in Cambodia in the early 80s when her parents fled to America. Facebook said it was in poor taste and too violent.

Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist on the internet and the conservative radio talk show host, has also been censored by Facebook and removed from the website. He has been accused of hate speech and glorifying violence.

The ultimate: Facebook has also removed Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence as “hate speech”. How about that? One of the chief political documents of America doesn’t meet Facebook’s policies. “Merciless Indian savages” was the phrase that fell afoul of the censors. Back at the time of Jefferson and Lewis and Clark Indians did seem like “merciless savages”. But that is history, something Facebook doesn’t know anything about.

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In the case of Yellowstone no white man had ever lived there before when Lewis and Clark heard about it on their expedition West. In fact, it was a superstitious place because of the hot springs and geysers and no Indian had ever lived there either. This was a famous example of true wilderness, and Lincoln and Grant almost immediately got the idea that it should be preserved that way. It was the first national park created in 1872. It was the birth of the whole national park idea or concept. Since we now know that Yellowstone is the caldera of one of earth’s two super volcanoes, it is hardly the sort of place that you could use for some other activity other than tourism or research anyway. The weather is too severe for year round habitation.

This is where Dora and Edward suddenly find themselves in 1933. While they are hiding out from Dora’s husband at the Old Faithful Lodge in 1933, Dora and Edward are also hiding Lawrence maps that Churchill has given them and which Hitler would do anything to get his hands on. Enter Helga and Herr von Wessel, Hitler’s top spies. They warn Colonel Sir Edward Ware and Dora that either they hand over the top secret maps, key to world domination, or they will blow up Yellowstone National Park. They will turn the famous geyser basin into volcanic rubble – and the rest of America, too, which would be buried in volcanic ash just like Pompeii. And if that doesn’t work they have an even darker plot up their sleeves, one that would change history itself.

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