Thrillers In Several Volumes:

Captive at the Berghof comes in two volumes. The young adult series, The Dark, comes in three volumes collected into a trilogy. The more volumes the more fun!

In Captive at the Berghof: Part 1 Hitler has found out about Colonel Sir Edward Ware’s secret undercover activities for Winston Churchill, and he’s playing hardball. He kidnaps Thomasina, Edward’s daughter, and won’t give the child back unless Edward and his wife, Dora, hand over the key to world domination – the Lawrence maps. They’d better do something fast before Thomasina truly becomes Hitler’s daughter.

In Captive at the Berghof: Part 2 attempts to destroy their marriage have failed. Dora and Edward Ware  join forces for the final onslaught against Hitler. They must regain possession of their kidnapped daughter who is being brainwashed by the Nazi Dictator. 

They must also keep the Lawrence map of the Western Desert away from Hitler’s greedy hands. With that he could take the Middle East and thus win the war through his general in the Sahara Desert – Rommel.

In Dark 1 and 2 teenager Bianca Winters had no idea what was in store for her in the next few years when she took on a babysitting assignment across the street with Little Katie Shipley. That night her whole life was to change forever as a killer roamed around in the dark upstairs. She had to save the baby while the housekeeper, Mrs. Ingersoll, fell to her death.

In the months that followed the murder, Bianca comes under the wing of her new medical advisor, Doc, who helps her recover from the horrible experience. She falls in love with the young man only to have doubt cast on his motives by circumstances that hint that he himself is the killer. When he goes on the run, she has to still believe in him somehow. How could she love a murderer?

In Dark 3: Special Edition Katie Shipley’s parents move to California and take Bianca with them as her live in babysitter. Bianca thinks that Doc is dead, killed trying to escape from the authorities.

But then just as a strange gentleman from England appears and tries to kidnap Little Katie, a young man who reminds her of the one she has lost materializes in her life again. He shows her what has really been going on all these years behind the scenes, why Mrs. Ingersoll was killed, and what the bad guys want with Little Katie.

The trilogy ends with the biggest surprise ending of all time.

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