Trump Listened To Only Half Of Crassus’s Advice:

Marcus Licinius Crassus was friends with the greatest military general of all times, Gaius Julius Caesar. So he ought to know what he was talking about when he gave advice to Donald Trump in the White House. What were they talking about? Syria, of course, and how to respond to the recent chemical attack.

Crassus has been living at the White House in the Lincoln bedroom since early 2017 when he moved in for the first time in 2000 years. He liked Trump and wished him well. He was after all, another mogul, another businessman, who wanted to get involved in politics just like Crassus in the first century B.C. when the Republic was busting up and turning into the Empire.
Crassus reportedly told Trump to do something sneaky. How Trump got bogged down in having international organizations certify that the Syrian President was responsible for the chemical attack on civilians, no one can guess. Crassus had not doubt told him that such a technique would be good if he were trying to hide what he was really doing a la Julius Caesar style.

Caesar once pretended that he was withdrawing his troops from Alexandria. He had certain ships load up supplies and pretend to be sailing back to Rome. Instead of attacking the palace where Cleopatra’s brother was holed up, he decided to feast and make merry in the harbor, dining before all his troops. Cleopatra’s brother decided that Caesar was a coward and ordered a banquet in celebration. After all the Egyptian troops got drunk, then Caesar attacked the Palace and took it with hardly a Roman casualty.

How could Trump emulate that? Well, after he called an international body into Syria and everybody thought he was too cowardly to attack by himself, he should order an air strike in Iran because they are helping to support the corrupt Syrian regime. Or perhaps he should even try to use a smart bomb to get Putin himself in his marble palace hidden away from view. That would be a biggie!

But if Trump has misinterpreted all his good advice from Crassus, it is very sad. But then American Presidents never were Roman generals, now were they?

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Donald Trump Becomes Dictator of California With Help From Crassus:

Calexit, unlike the Spanish situation with Barcelona and Catalonia in rebellion and ready to declare independence which is all too reminiscent of the Spanish Civil War, would make a good movie. You could have a fantasy what if. It could be quite humorous. It could also make an excellent action thriller all about Donald Trump and the Californians.

But the reality of the situation in California is that the Calexiteers won’t be able to get the proposition on the ballot. There are limits to initiative and referendum! As soon as they try, it will be legally challenged, and the objection will be upheld in court. Even the Ninth Circuit will not be able to help them t here. And since such an initiative to seek independence for the Gold Rush State is illegal, the permission to put it on the ballot won’t be granted. If it got to the point where the attorney general of California had to decide whether to put such a proposition on the ballot, he could be impeached if he agreed to put it there and let Californians vote on it. At the very least he could be disbarred.

What is most amusing is that Calexit is motivated by a dislike of Trump and if they exited they would give Donald Trump more power, not less. He could appoint the governor of California himself WITHOUT congressional consent for instance. He is the head of the army, navy, and air force all of which have bases in California. San Diego for instance is the home of the Pacific Fleet. Get it? Donald Trump is the commander and chief of the armed services. He would be in charge of rebellious California almost as if he were a dictator. This is what would make a good movie.

Trump could even bring in his trusted aide who has secretly been living in the Lincoln Bedroom of the White House ever since last December 2 when I first reported it in my blog post “Trump and Crassus”. Marcus Crassus, the Roman, could go riding into California on his horse and chariot to take up residence in the governor’s mansion as the imperial legate and give sage advice to Trump about how to be Dictator of California Roman style.



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Donald Trump should take a tip from his ancient forebearer, Marcus Licinius Crassus, the billionaire real estate tycoon of Late Republican Rome. Instead of having his picture taken or even painted as more modern Presidents did, he should have his bust at least sculpted in marble. Like Marcus Crassus and his political associate, Julius Caesar, Donald Trump’s very serious, not joking posture, bearing, and way of speaking show evidence of what Romans would call auctoritas, or authority. Nothing shows this better than solid marble. The buildings of Washington DC are built of marble, so should his portrait be.

Look forward to more about Trump gratis Cheops Books, LLC.


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Donald Trump is supposed to be German on his father’s side and Scottish on his mother’s side. the Germans repelled the Romans in the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest in 9AD. The Romans never reached Scotland. But still Marcus Crassus, the financier of Julius Caesar, and Donald Trump, the President elect, look like twins.
Not only were both real estate investors and billionaire investors in their respective countries, but to judge by the statue of Marcus Licinius Crassus below and the photo of Donald Trump right beside it, both seem to take themselves seriously and project very sober looks. They purse their lips just so. They both possess long, aquiline, aristocratic noses of distinction. Both faces draw attention to their imposing eyebrows. Their jowls look formidable. You wouldn’t want to mess with them! The only feature that looks different is Donald Trump’s signature hairdo while Marcus Crassus preferred a more traditional cut. That just shows that Donald Trump is from nowadays and Crassus is from 2000 years ago. But still history seems to be repeating itself in having a businessman come to the fore of politics.

It almost seems like the two of them are destined to end up in an Edward Ware Thrillers at War novel!

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During the late Roman Republic Marcus Crassus was a Roman billionaire with all sorts of real estate investments everywhere in the ancient city with one million people. All sorts of anecdotes abound such as the one that he would send agents around town to set fire to apartment buildings only to bargain with the owners to sell them the property as it burned. When the agreement was reached, he would put out the fire with Republican Rome’s only fire department.
He had political aspirations of his own, but they could go only so far in those days. Rome was an aristocratic society. Office holders had to be the scions of certain noble families. So Crassus used his money to back the most successful Roman politician and conqueror who ever lived, Julius Caesar.
Cut to 2016 America. Donald Trump is a real estate billionaire from New York City, the Rome of modern day America. In this democratic society he can run for office himself and has won the current election. For the first time Marcus Crassus gets his chance to rule.

Anything is possible in the world of Cheops Books, LLC.

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