New Book Cover For Dark 3: Special Edition:

The new book cover for Dark 3: Special Edition will be unveiled on September 15, the publication date for the young adult thriller novel by Dora Benley on Amazon Kindle. But you liked the old Dark 3 cover with the image of the screaming girl? We are incorporating a new background and keeping the same screaming girl image in the foreground. Instead of a graveyard with mountains and bats in the background, look for a scene from the Dark 3 story. If you study the new cover closely you will find the Pacific Northwest Coastline. Look for sea lions, in fact a whole colony of them just as in the novel where Bianca confronts Harry Fellini who is trying to kidnap her and Little Katie. You might also be able to distinguish small human being climbing about the mountainside and perhaps at the top of the cliff a parked Mercedes, Doc’s vehicle for transporting Bianca and Little Katie to Vancouver. Right now the cover artist, Andrew, is putting the finishing touches on the new book cover for Dark 3: Special Edition. Look forward to a treat.

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