There are only two types of poisonous lizards in North America, the Mexican beaded lizard and the Gila Monster. Both are found in the Southwest Desert, and one makes an appearance in Old Faithful Plot. The novel takes place in 1933 from New York City along the Lincoln Highway to Yellowstone National Park. This is one thousand miles north of the desert, so how does the Gila Monster appear? That will be left to the reader’s imagination. But suffice it to say that Hitler and his two chief spies, Helga and Herr von Wessel, are busy inventing ways to terrify Edward and Dora. They think a horrible lizard or two just might terrify them into handing over the Lawrence maps, key to world domination.
This is certainly an alternative history thriller with no holds barred. Hitler is already plotting to overthrow the world order and change history itself. He wants to penetrate a time tunnel he has discovered in Yellowstone, go back and history, and change what happens. He wants Germany to win the Great War and put him in an even stronger position. And he knows just who to assassinate to make this happen. And if you can throw in a monster or two to terrify people, the Dictator would be quite happy to oblige.

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