Helga in the Land of the Midnight Sun:

Where does the villainess Helga von Wessel disappear to at the end of the Edward Ware Thrillers at War Series at the end of the historical thriller Unlocking Trinity? The narrative leaves her in an ambiguous fashion somewhere in the vicinity of Los Alamos/Socorro near the first nuclear blast on July 16, 1945. We hear stories about an image on a rock that looks like her.

But really? Would Helga von Wessel, super villain of the series, the one who always manages to climb out of every situation, end up like that? Would she finally cease to haunt the hero of the series, General Sir Edward Ware?

Where do baddies like Helga end up? Does she go to Rio de Janeiro like the other baddie of the novel series, Thomasina Ware, who ends up as Mrs. Baker in the last volume of the series, Dark 3: Special Edition? Mrs. Baker as we hear from Doc ends up being the head of a group of worldwide Neo Nazis centered in both Germany and in Rio. She directs operations from there. Would you see Helga directing such a group?

Or would you rather see her ending up like one of the classic villains of all time at the end of the nineteenth century horror novel, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley? Where does the monster go? Supposedly Dr. Frankenstein must follow his creature all the way to the wilds of Alaska. Could you see Dora and Edward going there? What trouble could Helga get into among polar bears, grizzlies, gold rushers, salmon fishers, totem poles, and Russian Orthodox churches? And why would she be hiding out in the Land of the Midnight Sun?

It is just a teasing possibility. Fun to irmagine. Maybe Helga von Wessel will even meet the monster, Frankenstein, himself. The bets are that the monster would be scared of her.


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Illustrations For Dark 3: Special Edition:

Dark 3: Special Edition will be the first book that Cheops Books LLC publishes that will feature illustrations of the characters. On September 15 you, the readers, will get to admire the black and white drawings of Andrew the artist. He has visualized several of the major characters from the young adult thriller novel, Dark 3: Special Edition. You will get to see what the heroine, Bianca Winters, the one-time babysitter of Little Katie, looks like. Ditto the mysterious figure, Doc, who has haunted the entire Dark Series. You will get to see what the big bad guy, Mike Fellini, the jail breaker, looks like as he haunts the Hoh Rain Forest on the Olympic Peninsula. He might be about ready to kidnap Little Katie once again. You get to look into the innocent baby blue eyes of the heiress, the four-year-old little girl, Katie Shipley, whom Bianca loves to babysit. You even get to study Mrs. Baker, the ultimate villainess of Dark 3: Special Edition, as she tries to hoodwink the Shipleys and Bianca to fall for her bag of tricks. These illustrations will be sprinkled throughout the special edition. Look for them there.
Teens rarely need an excuse to stay up late, but The Dark by Dora Benley would give pause for thought to even the most steely nerved youngster. A genuinely gripping horror story. Approach with caution.
The Sunday Independent Dublin, Ireland

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