Trump and Churchill: The Challenge

Lots of Presidents here get stuck in the same situation. It is SO COMMON that it doesn’t really attract that much attention. Most of Trump’s supporters won’t even realize that he didn’t get a vote on his first health care bill. They will notice that he got his bill through Congress about NASA instead and stuff like that. People here are easily distracted. The office of President isn’t designed to make the occupant look ineffectual. And no, Cheops Books LLC doesn’t think it will have an effect on the trade deal with Britain just as it didn’t have an effect on NASA. Even right now Trump could get 100% of his bills through Congress with support from both Democrats and Republicans if he pitched at them spending bills where more largesse, circuses, etc were being distributed. And some Presidents do this. They change what they like just to look good and start getting a 100% batting average.
Churchill had problems earlier in his career when he was First Lord of the Admiralty during the Great War. The Lusitania sank under his watch. He was supposed to send British warships to rescue the passengers or to shelter them from the enemy submarines on the way to Queenstown so they could disembark safely. He didn’t make it in time and had to resign. Only his own political ingenuity dictated the course that he must take to stage a political come back so he could one day become the most famous Prime Minister of Great Britain in all of history. Trump faces the same challenge.

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