On The Road Again Threatened By Disney:

Cheops Books LLC likes to be on the road again researching various topics for novels. So it was shocked to hear of the new policy at Walt Disney World in Florida to invade the hotel rooms of their guests once each day. Apparently staff members dressed up as Mickey Mouse are supposed to enter rooms to inspect for guns following the shooting incident in Las Vegas. Disney World has removed Do Not Disturb Signs in favor of Room Occupied signs, but now Room Occupied means come in instead of stay out. It is hard to believe that a company as large and respected as Disney would engage in behavior that shows no respect for the privacy of their guests.

What is especially dangerous about such thinking is if it spreads to other hotel chains such as Best Western, Holiday Inn, Comfort Inn, Days Inn, Econo Lodge, La Quinta, Hilton, Marriott, and the like. These are the kinds of hotels and motels that populate the roads of America, the interstates, which ordinary folk use for daily travel from place to place. What if the guests have a dog or a cat left in the room? Do Not Disturb signs are the only protection they have for hotels to respect the privacy of their pets. What if the guest is in the bathroom or taking a shower or is sleeping? They are to have a staff member invading? It hardly makes sense.

And what is the staff member going to do when they invade? Search suitcases and handbags like TSA before you board an airplane? This is hardly the border of the US or customs. It is America itself.

The Constitution has a guarantee to the right to travel. One could argue that such misplaced policies interfere with this right by violating basic human privacy and dignity. Cheops Books LLC protests and insists that it will think twice before staying at any particular hotel in the future.

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On The Road Again Winners —- Lou and TR Bear
Lou and TR Bear submitted their winning entry for the On The Road Again Contest hosted by Cheops Books LLC. They snapped a photo of themselves cruising along in their car on the newly reconstructed Houghton Road. In the background you will see the Santa Catalina Mountains, the subject of the most recent June issue of Arizona Highways Magazine: Special Collector’s Issue with an illustration of the range on the front cover. They wrote in that they could imagine Dora and Edward cruising along in the same direction headed for Mt. Lemmon, the highest mountain in the range. They could hide out in a cabin at the top at 9,000 feet elevation. How could Helga von Wessel and Adolf Hitler find them there? They might try to smoke them out in the Santa Catalina Mountains especially now that it is summer with one of those runaway wildfires. Helga has been known to do far worse in the service of her Fuhrer. But Dora and Edward are certainly capable of outwitting them in the Santa Catalina Mountains as they continue to hide the Lawrence maps, key to world domination.

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On The Road Again: The Tower of Hercules
Will you find Cheops Books LLC at the base of the Tower of Hercules in La Coruña, Spain this summer staring up at this Worl Heritage UNESCO site? It is the oldest working lighthouse in the world built in Roman times in the first century AD at the town the Romans considered to be at the end of the world. This was La Coruna Harbor in northwest Spain, the Roman Hispania. Many legends from the Middle Ages to the nineteenth century attach to the tower that the Romans originally called the Farum Brigantium constructed on a 57 meter high rock.
The lighthouse would blend in perfectly with several novel series and plot ideas already being published by Cheops Books LLC. It could become part of the Edward Ware Thrillers YA novels series of young adult mysteries and thrillers. An eccentric but diabolical millionaire could move the lighthouse to the rugged coast of Maine and leave teenagers to wonder what is going on when they sight a skiff at sea that crashes against the lighthouse in the early dawn hours. They could try to figure out what curse is attached to the building for the past two thousand years.
The lighthouse would also be the perfect place for Pliny the Elder to visit. It was first built at about his time period. He could have something to do with its construction as he traveled about the Roman world studying birds, flora, and fauna for his encyclopedia series, The Natural History. Why would he make the trip by carriage and horseback far from Rome? Perhaps he wants to hide something there for future generations that he does not want to be found by the barbarians that are always trying to follow him about. Later in his own peregrinations Colonel Sir Edward Ware could find it.
And lastly Colonel Sir Edward Ware and Dora, Lady Ware, in the Edward Ware Thrillers at War Series, could visit the lighthouse. It would be an ideal place to hide the Lawrence maps, key to world domination. Hitler would never guess that they were in a Roman lighthouse. Perhaps even Hitler’s spies, Helga von Wessel and Herr von Wessel, would not guess.
The Tower of Hercules is full of mystery and pregnant with possibilities. That is the kind of place that Cheops Books LLC likes to discover.


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Will Cheops Books LLC find itself in Yellowstone this summer standing in front of Old Faithful Geyser? Certainly that is what happens to Dora and Edward in the upcoming historical thriller Old Faithful Plot set in the ominous year 1933 when Hitler first came to power. They are looking for a place to get rid of the Lawrence maps and hand them over to Churchill’s agent sent from Great Britain.
What a choice of locale! Hitler thinks so, too. The Dictator thinks he has discovered time tunnel under the geyser basin that will lead him back to ancient Rome. He wants to eliminate a certain philosopher/historian by the name of Pliny the Elder who first defamed his German ancestors. He thinks that will change history and Germany will win the First World War, putting the Dictator in an even stronger position in Europe of the 30’s.
In addition he wants to threaten the USA. If Dora and Edward do not hand over the maps, key to world domination, he will blow up the geyser basin and Old Faithful Geyser and set off a chain volcanic reaction in the only supervolcano in North America. It will blow the whole country sky high!
Cheops Books LLC opened its 2017 On The Road Again Contest on February 1. It runs through May 1. Guess where the publisher of young adult and adult thrillers will find itself this summer and win a $25.00 gift certificate from amazon.com so you can stock up your own summer reading for your beach or mountain trip. Get you gift on May 2. Enter now by sending your answer to us using the contact form on the website: http://www.edwardwarethrilers.org. By the way if you can’t wait and you want to see Old Faithful Geyser right now go to nps.gov and look at the webcam of the geyser right there 24/7.

Madison Buffalo Herd

Grizzly Discovery Center.

West Thumb.

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Will Cheops Books LLC visit Tallinn, Estonia on the Baltic Sea Coast? Tallinn is not only the capital of Estonia but the cultural hub of the country. Certainly there is a lot to see from the Old Town with real cobblestones to a defensive tower to a Gothic town hall from the Middle Ages. St. Nicholas’s Church is from the 13th century. And all is right on the very northern sea.
If you are cruising that way this summer all the way to Tallinn, Estonia ad perhaps beyond to St. Petersburg, Russia itself, be sure to stop in. Will you see someone from Cheops Books, LLC? Wait and see . . .
Where will Cheops Books LLC find itself this coming summer? The contest to second guess the small press opened on February 1 and will run until May 1 when the winner will be announced. You could be the lucky guesser to find yourself with a $25.00 gift certificate for amazon.com. On your summer travels you could use it to stock up on beach reading on Kindle. So please write in using the CONTACT form at http://www.edwardwarethrillers.org.

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