What If Trump Were Prime Minister of Great Britain:

What I don’t understand is how May keeps on holding onto power and why she is still PM. Why don’t they hold a vote of confidence?

It might make a movie to have Trump as Prime Minister instead of May. But could you actually have an American running Great Britain? I know Churchill was half American but this would be all American. And Trump is very blunt. He says what he thinks. He has no manners.

Maybe SOME people in Britain would like this but many people wouldn’t like it. He might even be blunt with the Queen. I assume the Queen could deal with Trump, but most people in Parliament would not like somebody who had such an executive approach to leadership.

AND HE DIDN’T GO TO OXFORD OR CAMBRIDGE!!! Also how would it go over to have a PM who was a billionaire? Also being American he would just ASSUME that Scotland and Northern Ireland, etc including Wales wanted to be part of Great Britain. And he would go for a very hard Brexit indeed. He probably wouldn’t want to negotiate with the EU at all UNLESS THEY CAME TO HIM, and he wouldn’t blink first.

Do PM’s have political rallies? He would want to go around the country on speaking tours all the time?

Also do you mean Trump as PM without being the President of the US at the same time? If he were President Britain would be the 51st state? Another interesting movie, no doubt. You would have to get rid of the Queen and get a Constitution fast. No EU then.

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth greets U.S. President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump, at Windsor Castle, Windsor, Britain July 13, 2018. Chris Jackson/Pool via REUTERS – RC12BCA42900

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Opening Scene of Armistice Plot:

The opening scene of Armistice Plot is one of the most riveting in the Edward Ware Thrillers at War Series. Edward Ware and his father are joining T. E. Lawrence and Leonard Woolley for a dig at the ancient Turkish site of Carchemish. Edward discovers a thief in the tent with the ruins one night. It is the girl who later becomes his chief enemy, Helga von Wessel, the chief German spy. She has been sent to steal the military maps that Edward’s friend, T. E. Lawrence, is drawing for the British military. Here are the words:

“Edward rounded the sharp corner of a work bench. His light shown on a Neo-Hittite relief, a god with a dagger and horned crown, brandishing an axe above his head. It looked as if he were ready to plunge the axe into Edward’s shoulder. The young man stepped back in alarm.

“The intruder took advantage of the moment to slip out of the lab tent. He was very fleet of foot, leaping over stones like a galloping steed. Edward caught up to the offender and tackled him. He’d been a star rugby player at Christ’s College, Oxford. He brought the would-be vandal to the ground.
“The spy screeched. He could hardly believe it. Why, it was a young woman!”

Finally during the Battle of Damascus Edward and Lawrence defeat the Turks and make them sue for peace. They will sign the Armistice ending the war. But the vamp, though imprisoned in Damascus, escapes. Edward must chase her down. There are hints that she is fleeing to join with the Austrian corporal, Adolf Hitler, who is beginning a new movement in Munich. Signs of a new war appear on the horizon though the first has just come to an end with an Armistice that isn’t worth the paper it is written on.

This is an historical thriller about Edward’s contest to the death first with the German Kaiser and then with Hitler himself. It will determine the woman he will marry and the woman he will not. It will drive him to the brink of madness in a century gone insane.

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