New Illustration For Old Faithful Plot:

Dora and Edward are focused on a strange creature indeed crawling out from underneath Edward’s 1930’s automobile —- the Gila Monster. A native of the Sonoran Desert in southern Arizona, this prehistoric survivor, this living fossil, from the age of dinosaurs, is a little out of place in the Petrified Forest National Park of Northern Arizona along Route 66.

This is where they have parked their car on a tip. Churchill’s operative is supposed to meet them there to pick up the Lawrence maps, key to world domination.

But as we learn in the alternative history thriller this poisonous reptile was captured and transported upstate by Hitler’s spy, Helga von Wessel and her German husband who is also Hitler’s financier, Herr von Wessel. They are trying to defeat Dora and Edward and make them surrender the maps to Hitler.

This illustration will appear on the back cover of the paperback book for Old Faithful Plot.

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