Dark Series Belongs To A Vanished Era:

Cheops Books LLC has been publishing and republishing books from a vanished era, a vanished genre, of books this autumn, the Dark Series. It is hardly like resurrecting Pompeii as Cheops Books LLC will do when it published Pliny: A Novel. But still Dark 1 and Dark 2 were written as a two-volume series of books in the Scholastic UK Point Horror Series and were first published some years ago. The Point Horror Series no longer exists and his been replaced by all sorts of fantasy derivatives instead and the perpetually popular romance derivatives.

But some people like to collect old books the way they collect old wines. Their flavor deepens over time. Just as somebody might collect and watch old Hitchcock movies which are certainly no longer produced anymore, he might want to settle down with a Point Horror novel and remember the way things used to be when readers relished an honest scare or sudden fright falling out of a well-placed closet.

In just a few more days Cheops Books will publish Dark: A Trilogy collecting all three books in the Dark Series in one place. In the same line of books Cheops Books has already published The Surfer and Pool Party, Point Horror USA titles, by Linda Cargill.



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Dark 2 and Point Horror Halloween:

Dark 2 was still another Scholastic Point Horror young adult thriller published in their line as a Point Horror Halloween special. It is now brought to you in time for Halloween by Cheops Books LLC.

In Dark 2 Bianca Winters thinks she has lost the love of her life, Doc Ernie McCollough. He used to be her medical advisor when she was recovering from the shock of witnessing a murder. Now she must try to cope all by herself while serving as the live-in nanny/permanent babysitter for St. Simons Island’s little heiress, Little Katie Shipley.

Suddenly there is a new man in town, Byron Kingsley, fresh from England. He begins to serve as her new medical advisor while she tries to recover her memory after the shock of the killing two years before while she was babysitting her charge. And he shows up just in time as the Island’s infamous criminal, Mike Fellini, tries to kidnap Little Katie and hold her for ransom.

But just as Bianca, Byron, Little Katie, and entourage are ready to flee to safety in England, a controversy breaks wide open about Byron Kingsley. Mysteries are associated with her new love as they lead to the horrendous, spine tingling conclusion to Dora Benley’s new young adult thriller.

If you liked Dark 2, you will enjoy other young adult thrillers by Dora Benley including Dark 3: Special Edition, Dark: A Trilogy, and Dark 1. You will also like Pool Party and The Surfer by Linda Cargill

Teens rarely need an excuse to stay up late, but The Dark by Dora Benley would give pause for thought to even the most steely-nerved youngster. A genuinely gripping horror story. Approach with caution.
The Sunday Independent, Dublin, Ireland


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Point Horror and Pool Party:

Another Scholastic Point Horror tale by Linda Cargill is Pool Party, published originally as part of the line. It is just perfect for Halloween.

Sharon’s party should have been perfect. The event of the year. After all, it was being held in the indoor/outdoor pool at her mother’s exclusive new hotel. It was definitely a party any senior would love to be invited to.

But somebody had invitations delivered before they were supposed to be mailed. And they went to all the people Sharon hardly knew. Even though things seemed kind of weird, Sharon decided to go with the flow. How bad could things be?

Sharon should never have believed that everything would be okay. She should have known that something was very, very wrong. Because now some of her guests might end up doing the dead man’s float — for real in this young adult murder thriller originally published by Scholastic USA in the Point Horror line. It was also published in a French edition, Lauberge Maudite. Now it is brought to you by Edward Thrillers YA, an imprint of Cheops Books, LLC.

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Point Horror: The Surfer and Pool Party

As Halloween gets nearer and nearer, we think not only of Horror Week on Goodreads but of the old Scholastic Point Horror Line and its wonderfully scary books for teenagers and adults who like good, clean fun and big scares that make you scream. Cheops Books, LLC has republished several of these classic Point Horror titles by Linda Cargill such as The Surfer and Pool Party. Soon under her pen name, Dora Benley, we will be republishing Dark 1 and Dark 2, which were Point Horror titles in Great Britain.

Jessie had never seen her before. The beautiful girl who seemed to get a thrill out of surfing on a stormy sea. Maybe she’d been lucky in the past, but Jessie saw the girl’s luck run out. Jessie saw her drown.

So who’s the new girl in town? The one who doesn’t know who she is — or where she came from. The one who seems to cast a spell over everyone else she meets? Has the beautiful surfer come back from the dead? Or is it something else?

This young adult horror novel by Linda Cargill was originally published in the Scholastic USA Point Horror Line and the Scholastic UK Point Horror Line. It was also published by Cora Verlag in German as the Sea Witch. There was also an Italian edition. After selling 200,000 copies worldwide this bestselling novel is now available in a Kindle edition, published by Edward Ware Thrillers YA, an imprint of Cheops Books, LLC.


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