Julia: A Romance: Goodreads Giveaway Opens Today:

Today the Goodreads Giveaway began for the Dora Benley historical romantic thriller Julia: A Romance. The giveaway will continue from today until Monday, April 9 when the prizes will be awarded. 51 people have already entered the contest on the first day. Will you join them? Be one of the first to receive and read the new novel about romance in Republican Rome.

Julia has every reason to wish that she had not been born the daughter of a Roman senator during the Roman Civil Wars of Marius and Sulla. Her father, Rufus, is trying to escape the proscriptions lists and save his life by betrothing his only daughter in marriage to Marcus Sisenna. Marcus Sisenna is the right hand man of Marcus Sulla, one of the leading men of Rome of the day. Rufus needs his armies and the protection both Sulla and Sisenna can provide. But Julia does not want to marry a man who has already had five wives and who is just marrying her for her father’s money and estates. She does not want to be added to his collection of trophies. Julia wants personal happiness despite the time period into which she has been born. Her father thinks only of keeping his wealth and estates together. Her divorced mother is interested only in her own lovers. To whom shall Julia turn for assistance? The answer may surprise you. For it is obviously just the opposite of what the desperate Julia might expect.

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Julia: A Romance Giveaway Starts In One Week:

Enter the giveaway contest to win 1 of 100 free copies of the Kindle edition of Julia: A Romance by Dora Benley, an historical romantic thriller. Julia finds herself immersed in a hornet’s nest of intrigue in ancient Republican Rome when her father, Senator Rufus, betroths her in marriage to Marcus Sisenna, righthand man of Dictator Lucius Cornelius Sulla, just to save his life. She does not know how to escape when she finds assistance in an unexpected direction.

The contest will begin one week from today on January 17, 2018.

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Saturnalia: Roman Christmas

The ancient Saturnalia was celebrated on December 17 through December 23 to honor the God Saturn. It became the predecessor of our Christmas season with role reversals between master and slave, gift giving, gambling, feasting, It celebrated the winter solstice season or the coming New Year’s.

This festival plays a big role in the Cheops Books LLC novel: Cleopatra’s Stone. But it also would be a festival celebrated by Julia and Sisenna, the main characters of the upcoming historical thriller Julia: A Romance set in Republican Rome of the first century B.C. The Saturnalia would occur during their first winter as a married couple.

Cheops Book LLC publishes a series of ancient novels, including a subset of Roman novels. That includes: Caesar and Cleopatra: A Novel, Julius Caesar: A Novel, and Cleopatra’s Stone found on Amazon. It also includes to be published historical thrillers such as Julia: A Romance, Pliny: A Novel, and Caesar’s Lost Legions.

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