Why The Merkel Election Isn’t Like Trump’s:

In the US when you get Trump elected President the election means Isolationism. Americans want to pull back from being involved in lots of international affairs. They want to cut back on immigration and make sure that they themselves have jobs and money before they invite anybody else in. But in America you can’t completely cut off immigration. The US is a country of immigrants. None of this is very deep or very serious or very old.

In America there is no core ethnic group like the Cherusci tribe from ancient Germany from whose ranks arose the traitor named Arminius who pretended to take on a Roman gloss when being educated at Caesar’s expense back in Rome. Then when he was “helping” to guide the Roman troops towards the Elbe River he and his fellow Germans fell upon the trusting dupes and slaughtered them. Germanicus appeared in 14AD, five years later, to seek revenge on the German tribes. But the Romans never again pushed toward the Elbe River. The line was drawn at the Rhine instead. This is terribly significant for western civilization and makes the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest one of the most important battles in history.

Merkel visited the site of the battle in 2009. Germany issued a stamp to celebrate 2000 years. Can you believe it? I bought one of these myself and put it up on my website under the novel in question.

There is a Hermann the German (Arminius’s German name) statue in Germany right now located on the A7 near Detmold. We unfortunately missed it. No one in Germany is talking about taking it down the way people here are trying to take down Robert E. Lee statues. No way! As has been pointed out the leader of the Alternative for Germany Party just used the word “volk”. He invoked the “volk”.

Merkel’s election echoes through the centuries. Trump’s does not.

Cheops Books LLC will publish a novel about the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest next year as part of the Edward Ware Thrillers at War Series.

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Smoke and Mirrors: Trump’s Speech

We just got done listening to Trump’s weekly address, Trump’s speech. He is calling for unity. But if he is talking about Charlottesville, I can’t see how anybody could think that was real. Talk about a staged media event! Soros probably was involved. People in America are ahistorical. They don’t think about history or care about history. Probably you couldn’t have had a conflict about a Robert E. Lee statue in Virginia in the immediate aftermath of the Civil War in the nineteenth century either. People in New York don’t care what happens in Virginia and visa versa. America has a great regionalism and the citizens are content to leave it that way. People should be suspicious about a pretended conflict about something like that now. Who is trying to stage what? Who is trying to grab the attention of the news? There are no real political conflicts in contemporary America about the old Confederacy despite Trump’s speech. Charlottesville is all just smoke and mirrors.

Cheops Books LLC publishes historical novels such as the upcoming Inn at the Crossroads, Vesuvius Plot, and Cherusci Plot.


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Should We Throw Henry VIII Out Of The History Books?:

Should we throw Henry VIII and other wrong doers out of the history books? This is one of the questions evoked by recent incidents in Charlotteseville, Virginia concerning pulling down the Robert E. Lee statue.

You have to see things in their historical context. Everyone is limited by the times in which he happens to live. For instance, are we supposed to tear down classic buildings like the Pantheon in Rome because it was originally built by Agrippa who was Augustus’s friend and a slaveholder? The Pantheon was rebuilt later by Hadrian who was also a slaveholder. Should we tear down Hadrian’s Villa as well as the Pantheon because the builders and rebuilders were slaveholders? I don’t think Italian tourism would go for that.

There is the famous example of Wagner and his operas? He might not have been played in Israel but nobody has suggested you should destroy his operas because his wife associated with Hitler and because he himself in the 19th century espoused the early doctrines of what later became National Socialism?

What about Henry VIII? Should we tear down Hampton Court because he abused women? The list goes on and on.

The University of Virginia library said by the way that America could not have existed without black slavery. Apparently the slaves were the only workers who could have survived in the fields in the south where there was still malaria and other tropical diseases. It was morally bad but a necessity all the same. It was the choice of Dostoevsky’s Grand Inquisitioner from The Brothers Karamazov, a dark choice but one that was to lead eventually to the United States of America without whom the Nazis would not have been defeated in the twentieth century. History is neither moral nor immoral. It is amoral.

Many of the novels published by Cheops Books LLC are historical novels such as the  upcoming Vesuvius Plot, The Cherusci Plot, and The Inn at the Crossroads.

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What Happened In Charlottesville? A Different Take:

What happened yesterday in Charlottesville makes no sense unless perhaps you look at what I call the “underside” of Charlottesville which rarely attracts attention and which most people who never lived there never find out about. It is not the Charlottesville of Thomas Jefferson and the Enlightenment, the Charlottesville of the Virginia Doctrine of Religious Freedom. It is far more southern, mysterious, and dark than that.

Charlottesville “sat out” the American Civil War. There was only the Battle of Rio Hill which was only a skirmish and was then out of town north of the city. Now it is in the urban ring of the county right where they built an elementary school and a shopping center. Artifacts from the battle were displayed in a glass case outside one of the stores. Professors from the University of Virginia surrendered the city at the end of the war. This is not a big Confederate town. It was not the kind of town where you would see a lot of Confederate flags displayed etc. (We saw far more driving through Tennessee two years ago!)
The place where the “demonstration” took place I think is at the end of West Main Street on the way to the downtown pedestrian mall area. I remember that a statue of Robert E Lee and Stonewall Jackson seemed to be right in the middle of the street practically. It was very crowded, a bad area for a demonstration to begin with. But the West Main Street Area right before the Downtown Mall where they used to have an old Vinegar Hill Movie Theater was dark and not well lighted. A University of Virginia girl went missing in the same area just a couple of years ago. Her body was later found brutally murdered and left by the side of the road. Some years before that the very same thing happened, another missing murdered girl. I understand that at least one of the demonstrators was murdered there, too. It is almost as if some unidentified dark spirit haunts the area and brings bad luck to whoever enters it. I remember walking through the area late one Friday night in September or early October with my husband right after we moved there. Fortunately we didn’t know about the legends then, and we hurried through unmolested.

I understand that they were going to move the Robert E. Lee statue to a park north of town, probably Penn Park on 29 North. That would be a far better fate for the statue of the head of the southern forces during the Civil War than West Main Street. It would also help to bring better luck to the whole town of Charlottesville and all those who inhabit it.

Charlottesville is a setting where I have set many of my young adult thriller and supernatural novels such as the upcoming thriller by Dora Benley called Curse of Egypt. You can see why.

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