Note On The RITA Awards:

I watched the RITA awards ceremony. It makes you wonder if the RWA is a writers’ organization or has turned into a left wing political action group supporting affirmative action, gay rights, and who knows what else under the banner catch word of “inclusion”. I find it highly offensive to have speakers accusing those “53% of you who are white” of all sorts of hate crimes, etc and urging us to “in November vote these hateful racist traitors out”!!!!

Talk about “inclusion”, this is highly divisive political behavior that will fragment your membership not into racial and ethnic groups but into political groups. Is this really what you want or intend? I would think twice before inviting speakers like this to address your RITA awards again. Stick to the publishing industry and the genre itself. Especially don’t invite speakers who aren’t educated enough or refined enough or tasteful enough to use better words than “fuck” to address the audience.

Near the end of the awards a winner addressed the audience and said RWA had a problem that not one RITA award winner was black. Is RWA an affirmative action group? If blacks win, fine. If they don’t win fine. If Chinese women win, fine. If they don’t fine. If Mexican Americans win, fine. If they don’t fine.

Why single out blacks? Why do you act as if they are inferior somehow to all other ethnic groups so they need all sorts of special support? If I were black I would find this sort of thinking offensive myself. And I am a white writer who has actually written about black people and Mexican Americans myself. They have starred in my novels.

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Dora Benley Could Be Giving Away Silver Wolf Moon:

Would you like a free copy of Silver Wolf Moon? And this time it would be a paperback, too, not a Kindle edition. The first paperback copies of the young adult romantic thriller novel ever printed could be distributed in Denver at the Sheraton Downtown in mid July. Dora Benley could be there in person to autograph the books and give them away to the lucky recipients. Look for more details in future blog posts on this Edward Ware Thrillers website created by Cheops Books LLC.

Darcy Devon can’t take it anymore. Her millionaire parents won’t stop bugging her to date Randolph King, the son of an English client of theirs. She runs away to live in her grandparents’ house in the wilds of Montana. But no sooner does she unpack her suitcase than she notices that somebody who looks like an uncouth madman is following her. Nobody knows who he is. When she goes swimming, somebody is watching her. When she goes to bed, somebody is outside looking in. Wolves howl at midnight. She looks up at the sky and sees a black moon and shivers. What does this strange dude want with her? Is he escaped from an asylum, or is it something else?

The young adult romantic thriller Silver Wolf Moon was originally published in German by Cora Verlag, Harper Collins Germany, as Silver Wolf. If you liked Silver Wolf Moon you will enjoy other young adult thrillers by Dora Benley such as Rose Red, Murder in Jasper, Mary’s Gone, Latin Lessons, and Dark 3: Special Edition.

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See You In Denver? RWA Convention 2018:

RWA, or Romance Writers of America, are holding their 2018 convention in Denver in July. In fact the exact dates are July 18-21 at the Denver Sheraton Downtown near the pedestrian mall. The public is invited to attend certain events such as the autograph party where books are sold and the proceeds donated to charity.

It is possible that Linda Cargill (alias Dora Benley) will be attending the function. If you want her to autograph your book, this could be where to find her this coming summer.

If Linda Cargill attends on behalf of Cheops Books LLC, we will present more details in this column later this spring.

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