Sketch For Cover For Egyptian Spy:

The cover artist has finished a preliminary sketch for the cover of Egyptian Spy, the next historical thriller by Dora Benley and also an Edward Ware Thrillers at War novel. He had imagined Leopold von Wessel shooting a spitting Egyptian cobra at the base of the Sphinx outside Cairo while Dora screams. Helga von Wessel, the Egyptian spy, looms over the scene. She casts a dark shadow on the action.

Dora, Lady Ware, her husband, Colonel Sir Edward Ware, his boss, Wickie, and Wickie’s wife, Jane, all travel to the Sphinx outside Cairo for the Christmas holidays when Edward’s mother, the Dowager Lady Ware, comes to visit in the 1930’s between the wars.

There are mystery figures hanging about even on top of the Sphinx and Dora cannot quite make them out. When she is left alone for a moment, a stalker approaches her and threatens her if she does not hand over the military maps that they want.

She flees and the stalker chases her. She finds herself on top of the Sphinx with a spitting cobra, only to be saved by Leopold, a young man who has befriended her.

But he is suddenly gunned down. But whom? And who is Leopold? Dora had better find out or she could soon be dead, too, in Egyptian Spy, a new thriller by Dora Benley.

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On November 8 vote for President on the Cheops Books Events Page. But instead of Trump or Clinton your choice will be FDR or Wendell Willkie, the candidates in the 1940 election at the beginning of World War 2.
Here is one of the questions that will be asked of the candidates in a last minute fourth debate before the voting takes place. Remember that in 1940 America was still neutral: What would you do if Adolf Hitler offered you a trade deal with Nazi Germany that was too good to refuse?




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