Dora Benley’s father, Winthrop Benley, was a Pittsburgh Industrialist one hundred years ago and also a good friend of Teddy Roosevelt, the Rough Rider. In those days he never thought that America should involve itself much in European affairs. They should stay to themselves. He did not even approve of World War 1, let alone the Second World War. He was an American First advocate. He would never have believed that China should make goods that America imports while it closes down its own industrial plants. He would have thought that America would have the commonsense not to favor such a policy. He would say look what happened to England during the First World War. They were importing all their food and when they couldn’t do that because of war conditions almost starved to death. Winthrop Benley would think the same about industrial production, steel, raw materials, etc. You don’t want to depend on anybody who could end up pointing a gun at you. He and Teddy Roosevelt would have agreed with Trump.

See Cheops Books LLC’s upcoming interview with Winthrop Benley.


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