Today for one day only Bienville is available on Amazon Kindle to download for free. It is the Cheops Books Friday Freebie. The young adult thriller will be available only through midnight tonight. So hurry! This offer will not be repeated this year.

Laura has just turned seventeen —- in a New Orleans orphanage. This is her last chance to find parents. Someone named Bienville wants to adopt her. But who are they? They look elegant and well-dressed, but they are as old as grandparents.

She has had a dream about them as if somehow she knew them before long ago when she could not remember. They whisper to her in her sleep about a past life when she was someone else. Why else would she have been brought to the orphanage as a baby dressed in fine silks and with one hundred thousand dollars in an envelope under her silken pillow?

Should she go with the Bienvilles to their elegant house in New Orleans or should she marry her boyfriend, Robert, who wants her to come to New York? Robert she knows and trusts. But the allure and danger of the unknown beckons. Should she fight back? Or should she allow herself to be tempted? Laura is aware that this might be the most important decision she will ever make in her life — or perhaps in two lives.



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