Mysterious Neighbor To Be Published Soon:

Teenager Madeline Anthony-Pratt climbs over the wall to her neighbor’s house one night to retrieve her cat. Intruders appear. She hides in the shadows. They whisper in a foreign tongue and hold out a Pepsi can with black crud on it. They light a match.

Why are they trying to blow up her neighbor’s house tonight? The men aren’t telling as the match gets closer to the wick.

In Mysterious Neighbor Madeline and her boyfriend, Drew, are left to deal with matters as best they can, and even Drew can’t help much. He had just enlisted in the military. No adults seem willing to help except the old lady next door, the mysterious neighbor, who is being targeted by the thugs. She has all too much to tell Madeline. And the teenager can count the seconds ticking away on her life after she finds out the dangerous information the old lady has to impart to her.

This is no ordinary plot. It’s bigger than 9/11 and far more devastating. It has been two thousand years in the making.

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Dark 2 On Special Promotion On Amazon:

Dark 2 is on special promotion on Amazon starting today and continuing for the next five days. The latest young adult thriller by Dora Benley, published by Cheops Books LLC, can be downloaded for free on Amazon Kindle. But hurry! An offer this good will not be repeated this year.

In Dark 2 Bianca Winters thinks she has lost the love of her life, Doc Ernie McCollough. He used to be her medical advisor when she was recovering from the shock of witnessing a murder. Now she must try to cope all by herself while serving as the live-in nanny/permanent babysitter for St. Simons Island’s little heiress, Little Katie Shipley.

Suddenly there is a new man in town, Byron Kingsley, fresh from England. He begins to serve as her new medical advisor while she tries to recover her memory after the shock of the killing two years before while she was babysitting her charge. And he shows up just in time as the Island’s infamous criminal, Mike Fellini, tries to kidnap Little Katie and hold her for ransom.

But just as Bianca, Byron, Little Katie, and entourage are ready to flee to safety in England, a controversy breaks wide open about Byron Kingsley. Mysteries are associated with her new love as they lead to the horrendous, spine tingling conclusion to Dora Benley’s new young adult thriller.
If you liked Dark 2, you will enjoy other young adult thrillers by Dora Benley including Dark 3: Special Edition, Dark: A Trilogy, Dark 1, Julia: A Novel, and Livia: A Novel.

Teens rarely need an excuse to stay up late, but The Dark by Dora Benley would give pause for thought to even the most steely-nerved youngster. A genuinely gripping horror story. Approach with caution.
The Sunday Independent, Dublin, Ireland

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Back to Venice Free Kindle Promotion:

For the next five days you can download Back to Venice for free on your Amazon Kindle device or even on your iPhone. Read the time travel novel, Dora Benley’s latest young adult thriller offering. But hurry! This special offer won’t be repeated this year.
Eighteen year old Alexandra Banks yawns and stretches as she asks her chauffeur where they are. Charles says the Coronado Bay Resort in San Diego. Alexandra thinks it looks like Venice with all the canals, gondolas, and gondoliers in Italian Renaissance and medieval costumes. They were there just last week with her high roller parents. Charles tells her it is California make believe like Disneyland. He points out at sign that advertises gondola rides on the Coronado Cays. But Alexandra isn’t sure when the costumed gondoliers begin to stare at her.

She knows something very strange is going on when she takes a ride in a gondola and steps out into what is obviously Venice. But it is not the Venice of today but of hundreds of years ago. Passers by gawk at her. They are suspicious of her twenty-first century clothes and her cell phone. She is quickly arrested and put on trial for her life as a witch. How did Alexandra get into such a fix to begin with? What is going on? How does she escape? She had better figure it out soon or she may never emerge from the nightmarish Middle Ages and get back to her real life again.

If you liked Back to Venice you will enjoy other young adult thrillers by Dora Benley such as Mary’s Gone, King Richard 1: A Novel, Julia: A Novel, Livia: A Novel, and Doom of Egypt.


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Illustrations For Dark 3: Special Edition:

Dark 3: Special Edition will be the first book that Cheops Books LLC publishes that will feature illustrations of the characters. On September 15 you, the readers, will get to admire the black and white drawings of Andrew the artist. He has visualized several of the major characters from the young adult thriller novel, Dark 3: Special Edition. You will get to see what the heroine, Bianca Winters, the one-time babysitter of Little Katie, looks like. Ditto the mysterious figure, Doc, who has haunted the entire Dark Series. You will get to see what the big bad guy, Mike Fellini, the jail breaker, looks like as he haunts the Hoh Rain Forest on the Olympic Peninsula. He might be about ready to kidnap Little Katie once again. You get to look into the innocent baby blue eyes of the heiress, the four-year-old little girl, Katie Shipley, whom Bianca loves to babysit. You even get to study Mrs. Baker, the ultimate villainess of Dark 3: Special Edition, as she tries to hoodwink the Shipleys and Bianca to fall for her bag of tricks. These illustrations will be sprinkled throughout the special edition. Look for them there.
Teens rarely need an excuse to stay up late, but The Dark by Dora Benley would give pause for thought to even the most steely nerved youngster. A genuinely gripping horror story. Approach with caution.
The Sunday Independent Dublin, Ireland

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Cheops Christmas Special: Countdown Deal for Medea’s Escape: Starting on Friday, December 23 and ending on Friday, December 30 you can download the young adult mythological thriller, Medea’s Escape, for only $.99 on Amazon Kindle. It is a special that runs through Christmas Day. But hurry! This offer won’t be repeated. Are you getting a new Kindle device for the holidays? Try it out.
Without Medea’s help, Jason had no mere mortal hope of getting the Fleece and bringing it home to his people. Medea would have to betray her family and her people to save Jason, this golden giant among men, whom she came to love. Together they would face the wrath of a people and take on the gods in Jason, My Love, for middle grades to young adult readers brought to you by Edward Ware Thrillers YA, an imprint of Cheops Books, LLC. Stories out of the past.
If you enjoyed this young adult mythological romantic suspense tale — which breaks ground in not following the most conventional story about Medea but tells its own thrilling romance — you might want to read Linda Cargill’s other adult novels about ancient Greece including To Follow the Goddess, The End of Days, and The Minotaur.


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Today for one day only Bienville is available on Amazon Kindle to download for free. It is the Cheops Books Friday Freebie. The young adult thriller will be available only through midnight tonight. So hurry! This offer will not be repeated this year.

Laura has just turned seventeen —- in a New Orleans orphanage. This is her last chance to find parents. Someone named Bienville wants to adopt her. But who are they? They look elegant and well-dressed, but they are as old as grandparents.

She has had a dream about them as if somehow she knew them before long ago when she could not remember. They whisper to her in her sleep about a past life when she was someone else. Why else would she have been brought to the orphanage as a baby dressed in fine silks and with one hundred thousand dollars in an envelope under her silken pillow?

Should she go with the Bienvilles to their elegant house in New Orleans or should she marry her boyfriend, Robert, who wants her to come to New York? Robert she knows and trusts. But the allure and danger of the unknown beckons. Should she fight back? Or should she allow herself to be tempted? Laura is aware that this might be the most important decision she will ever make in her life — or perhaps in two lives.



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