How To End Putin’s Dictatorship:

Frankly I think that is shocking. I would not call Putin and congratulate him on anything right about now. You cannot allow the use of chemical weapons in modern day societies especially in time of peace. That is an absolute all by itself. It has to be dealt with, not ignored. It is the most paranoid piece of news I have heard in a long, long time. In a way it is more fearful than 9/11. It is worse than terrorism. The contamination is invisible and you cannot know how to protect yourself. It can work when bombs are not there at all, killing people silently and even months or years later like nuclear radiation.

There are two ways to end the Putin dictatorship — the fast way and the slow way. You are talking about the slow way, the development of the middle class. The fast way would be to topple the dictator. Of course I don’t see the US taking that on either. They always have to take half measures.

Gary thinks it sounds like a novel, but wouldn’t it be weird if a game or a trick was going on. The British kick out the Russians. They break off diplomatic relations. May cancels Trump’s trip to Britain. At the same time Trump invites Putin to Washington. If I were the Russians I would be suspicious of a trick.

Russia is a subject of the upcoming Cheops Books LLC thriller, Unlocking Trinity.

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Wilson to Trump: 100 Years War:
Is The End Of Terrorism Near?
In the Edward Ware Thriller Series Dora and Edward are always reflecting that Hitler is everywhere and they can’t escape him — a kind of terrorism. And if it’s not Hitler it is Hitler’s spies or earlier the Kaiser’s spies looking for the fabled Lawrence maps, key to world domination. Dora finds a saboteur in her shed in Pittsburgh in the South Hills. She ends up having to shoot him herself. At other times saboteurs interrupt them on the beach outside New York City, Coney Island. At another time the spies find them in a cabin in the woods outside Santa Fe, New Mexico. They follow them to Yellowstone. They steal items from their house in England at Ware Hall. There is nowhere Dora and Edward can go in the world to be safe.
Oddly enough it feels like that right now for real in the US and the world in general. Terrorists nowadays might not be after the Lawrence maps. But they seem to be after YOU and everybody else just to make a political point or whatever. Starting two years ago they focused on scaring everybody in Europe. It all seemed to have to do with the migrant crisis. More refugees were on the move than at any time since World War 2. But because Europe, particularly Germany, opened its doors to them Europe now seems to be vulnerable to terrorists in a big way. The Mediterranean in particular seems to be a hotbed of unrest. If you can say that the migrant crisis helped to lead to Brexit, then it helps to explain by there was just recently a confrontation at Gibraltar between England and Spain, the entrance to the Mediterranean. Apparently migrants have used the Mediterranean to cross in boats. The French Riviera town of Nice was shot up in a big way. And now we have Trump launching missiles from a ship in the Mediterranean, making it a war zone, not just a zone of terrorism.
Even if Trump’s missile strike helps to deter the use of chemical and biological weapons by big states, it does not do much to deter terrorism. In the days before the strike there was a terrorist attack in London on Westminster Bridge. The day AFTER the missile strike, another terrorist struck in Stockholm of all places. What is a terrorist doing in Stockholm in Scandanavia? You would think it would be the last place they would go. Are they going to appear in Oslo or Copenhagen next? Is there no place safe? The top of Mt. Everest? The North Pole?
Hopefully the terrorist situation will be resolved somehow during the next few years. I view it as the last stage of the Great War which has turned out to be a 100 years war indeed. All the liberation movements and revolutions that it unleashed have to become history someday. That some day should be soon. But somebody like Trump will have to take the lead. His opening volley is good. He made a big splash with his missile strike. But the big question is what will he do next?

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There Is More Violence In Europe Than America:
One of our readers from England has objected that while you have spectacular terrorist attacks such as the one in London on March 22 really the danger of violence is greater in America. He quotes the statistic of 340,000 Americans killed by gun violence since 9/11. This was Cheops Books’s response:
It seems that you are getting off topic a lot about violence in America. We were talking about terrorism, I think. But getting off topic always introduces new things to talk about so it is OK. It reminds Gary of a course he took in college at Haverford called Violence in America by Roger Lane. It was a topics course. At the end of the course everybody wrote a substantial paper. Gary wrote about violence in the farm fields in California in the 1930’s a la John Steinbeck. This course covered the time period from the Colonial time period to the present day. Gary said violent strikes and protests were common. So were race riots. Then there has been a tradition of the “kooky murders”, the looney fringe violence in America that you don’t get in Europe. Gary says that it is reported on here more than any other place for one thing. That’s why you know about it. Other societies might repress it.
I don’t know where you get your figures. Remember the Devil can quote not only scripture for his purpose but also statistics broadcast by the media trying to prove something or make a point. But assuming for a minute that you are accurate and it could be proved objectively that 340,000 Americans have been shot dead. The question to ask is WHERE. America is a big country in square footage. A lot of this violence would no doubt occur in what you would call slums and districts of cities where racial minorities live. For instance in Tucson there is a district called South Tucson where hardly a white person is ever seen. Supposedly the police won’t even go there. It is Mexican gang territory. No real estate agent will go there either and if you are white nobody will sell you a house there. That is where the vast majority of the slayings and killings take place. This doesn’t mean that a white person going grocery shopping at the A J’s fancy store in the Foothills, the swankiest address in the Tucson area, is likely to be shot dead. So consider this when talking about your statistics. Every city in the country of any size has the same set up.
By contrast the terrorist violence in Europe in the past 2 years seems to occur in swanky areas such as Nice, France on the beach or in the airport in Brussels where travelers go and businessmen, too. It occurs in Paris and in the West End of London. That is why it is worrisome to Americans who are used to violence in slums only.
Certainly there was more violence in Europe than America in the days of Edward Ware Thrillers at War. World War 1 and World War 2 took place on European soil, not American.

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It sounded very eerie when the papers said “London is under attack” just as if it were World War 1 or World War 2.  It sounded scary, too. Frankly I don’t think it is possible to carry on as normal under such conditions. You might say you are doing so. But in reality measures are being taken. Things are different. The mood and attitude aren’t the same at all. For instance, this London terrorist attack will mean increased security. Homeland Security here keeps on growing apace under every President since Bush. New regulations keep on getting issued for airlines. The latest here is something about no computers or tablets on certain flights. It gets to the point that you will do everything you can to avoid the situation that causes such inconvenience. In other words you won’t fly unless you absolutely can’t avoid it. You might avoid downtown London or New York unless you can’t avoid it again. I remember after 9/11 people said they were going to stop going to shopping malls. Suddenly after 9/11 tourism to places like Yellowstone started to spike instead of trips to cities. Of course it depends on the individual. Some individuals will act as you say and stubbornly insist on carrying on the same schedule terrorism or no. But their numbers get thinner all the time.

I am still confused why countries like Britain and America act the way they do and go after their own citizens instead of foreigners in reaction to terrorist attacks. Romans would NOT have behaved like this. If they knew there was an enemy called ISIS they would have leveled them and wiped them from the face of the earth. They might have taken slaves and the women and children would have been raised in Roman i.e. American/British ways. Not that I like such military activity myself, but at least it spares the native population. I’m beginning to think that the West in the grip of the World War 1 syndrome (which assumes WW2 was just part of WW1). WW1 is the hundred years war that is still going on. They question all their values. They become pacifist, etc. I don’t know when the Great War will ever end. Then maybe you can recognize enemies as enemies and stop imposing on your countrymen and your native populations.

Of course the Edward Ware Thrillers at War Series starts with the opening rounds of World War 1 when the Lusitania gets torpedoed in the novel Key to Lawrence Special Edition.

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