Could There Be A Map Plot Nowadays?
When you think of the grand map plot that is the subject of the Edward Ware Thrillers at War Series, you realize that it could not exist nowadays in 2017. Edward and Dora are fighting the Germans from the early days of WW1 when the Kaiser was sending agents after the maps to the heyday of World War 2 when Adolf Hitler became the enemy. But the important thing is that they were always fighting against enemy countries with organized governments and armies, navies, and air forces. They were not fighting against terrorists.
Terrorists would not be interested in detailed military maps about how to take and defend certain prime locations in Europe. The reason? They don’t command armies. They would not have cared about the brilliance of T. E. Lawrence in figuring out about the shifting soft sands of North Africa just outside Cairo that became key in fighting the Battle of El Alamein. For the terrorists there are only hit and run covert attacks. There are no grand battles.
We are reminded of all this changes in the world scene with news of today’s terrorist attack on the Houses of Parliament in London right in the shadow of Big Ben and right on Westminister Bridge that connects the South Bank with the city. Edward might have known how to fight Hitler, but he would not have known how to combat an enemy that wants only destruction for destruction’s sake. The Lawrence maps would not have helped him at all. So they remain fixed in their own period of history which thankfully is not today, Wednesday, March 22, 2017.

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