On September 15 Cheops Books LLC will publish Dark 3: Special Edition, the concluding volume of the Dark Series started by Scholastic UK. It is a fitting ending to Dark 1 and Dark 2 and lets you know what finally happened to all those YA characters such as Bianca Winters and Doc and their doomed love affair. Does she finally marry Harry Fellini or what? Does Little Katie, the heiress of St Simons Island finally escape to some place where she doesn’t get kidnapped? What about her wealthy parents, the Shipleys? And what happens to the low life of St. Simons Island such as Marianna Haynes, who was always after Bianca, or even Harry Fellini’s jailbird brother, Mike Fellini?

And when all these loose plot ends finally get decided for good, what about the long promised trilogy: Dark: A Trilogy? Why not publish the Dark as a series? Dark: A Trilogy will be published on December 15. We here at Cheops Books LLC even have a brand new cover in mind. We don’t have the final drawing yet. But we have a rough sketch which we will share with you today along with this blog post. We are about ready to hand it over to Andrew the artist to put his finishing touches on it.

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