Doom of Egypt Ranked 10 In Teen Ancient Civilizations:

Doom of Egypt is 10 in Teen Ancient Civilizations on Amazon. Get your free copy before it’s gone.

June is turning eighteen, but her father can’t be there. He is excavating the Tomb of the Unknown Princess in Egypt. He sends her a card with a necklace of red jewels instead. When she looks into the mirror she thinks she sees eyes staring at her.

For her birthday her boyfriend, Andy, takes her to the museum to see artifacts from the excavation that her father has sent back from Egypt. She feels drawn to a room that is shut off, not yet open to the public. Andy can’t stop her in time. The statue inside stares back at her. Her red eyes light up just as on the necklace. She sighs, “At last, my daughter, you’ve come home!” June had better figure out what is going on or she might become stone cold dead like the statue soon.

If you enjoyed Doom of Egypt you will like Dora Benley’s other young adult thrillers and supernatural novels such as Curse of Egypt, Book of the Dead, Medea the Witch, Mary’s Gone, and Cleopatra’s Stone.

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Murder On Spirit Island 30 On Amazon Romantic:

Murder On Spirit Island is on a special five day promotion on Amazon. Today it is ranked 30 in romantic for young adults. Hurry and download it before it is gone.

Edith can’t go to school without finding Stripes. She and her lab, Tricks, search through the backyard with no luck. She sees a van parked in front of her driveway. They dog dashes aboard. She follows. The door slams behind them. They are headed up the road and out of town past her grocery store and even her high school where she was supposed to take a math exam today. She screams and yells but the driver won’t stop.

As the van drives farther and farther north, only gradually does it dawn on Edith that she’s been kidnapped. It doesn’t make any sense to her that the girl in the cab is Eliza Fitzhugh, her next door neighbor from up the street. It makes even less sense that the driver looks just like some guy that she saw long ago last summer in a movie of her parents’ wedding from twenty-five years before.

She finds herself transported all the way to a place she has never heard about before called Spirit Island. What do people there want with her? Edith had better figure it all out soon, or she might end up dead.

If you liked Murder on Spirit Island, you will also enjoy other young adult thrillers, supernatural horror tales, time travel novels, and romantic historic thrillers by Dora Benley including Back to Venice, Book of the Dead, Doom of Egypt, Rose Red, and Julia: A Romance.

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