Doom of Egypt Ready for Give Away:

Doom of Egypt will be ready for a Kindle give away in the coming days.

June is turning eighteen, but her father can’t be there. He is excavating the Tomb of the Unknown Princess in Egypt. He sends her a card with a necklace of red jewels instead. When she looks into the mirror she thinks she sees eyes staring at her.

For her birthday her boyfriend, Andy, takes her to the museum to see artifacts from the excavation that her father has sent back from Egypt. She feels drawn to a room that is shut off, not yet open to the public. Andy can’t stop her in time. The statue inside stares back at her. Her red eyes light up just as on the necklace. She sighs, “At last, my daughter, you’ve come home!” June had better figure out what is going on or she might become stone cold dead like the statue soon.

If you enjoyed Doom of Egypt you will like Dora Benley’s other young adult thrillers and supernatural novels such as Curse of Egypt, Book of the Dead, Medea the Witch, Mary’s Gone, and Cleopatra’s Stone.


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Julius Caesar: A Novel
Julius Caesar: A Novel is available on Amazon Kindle as an ebook. But now it will also be available as a paperback. You need look no farther than the Cheops Books LLC website at to purchase a copy for $12.95. It will be found in the Edward Ware Thrillers YA part of the website. 
In old age and in exile Servilia, mother of Marcus Brutus, awaited the suicide order from the Emperor Augustus, Caesar’s heir, who put to death all of the enemies of Julius Caesar. But instead he asked her to return to Rome and advise him as she once advised his predecessor, whose mistress she was. He wanted her to help raise the daughter of her old enemy Cleopatra, whom he brought back from Egypt after the death of the Serpent of the Nile: “Rome … that great maw of cites, the eater of men that ground and chewed up lives as if they were mere sandy grit between its teeth and then spat them out again. Through endless cycles of the seasons, revolutions, civil wars, and lives always the same. Did I have enough strength in this feeble body to war with her again? The child looked up at me. The answer was on my lips.”
See what you think of this historical thriller from the point of view of Servilia, Julius Caesar’s lifelong friend and mistress. She provides her own perspective on the colossus among men caught between the Republican faction of old Rome and those longing for empire.
If you liked this novel you might want to try other titles by Dora Benley including Minotaur, Cleopatra’s Stone, Helen of Troy, Medea the Witch, and Book of the Dead. They are all offered on Amazon Kindle.

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Helen of Troy by Dora Benley Free On Amazon Kindle:
Helen of Troy by Dora Benley will be offered for sale for free starting on Sunday, May 21 and continuing through Thursday next week, May 25. This new young adult historical novel incorporates retells the myth of Helen of Troy and her husband Menelaus, King of Sparta, as they both confront the Trojan War. But hurry! This is a not to miss offer not to be repeated this year.
First-novelist Dora Benley recounts the fall of Troy from Helen’s point of view—in this spirited page-turner that placed in the National Writers Book Contest.
Though brought up to inherit the role of her mother, Queen Leda, as keeper of the ancient mother-goddess cult increasingly suppressed by the reigning kings, beautiful Helen of Sparta initially fails to hear the Goddess of Heaven’s voice within her. And no wonder—the hormone-bedeviled teen-ager lusts after handsome Meneleus, whose family has offended the Goddess by looting her temples for bronze. Upon Leda’s death, the Goddess offers Helen the choice of marrying Meneleus at the cost of a life of misery and the destruction of Sparta, or sacrificing him in favor of older, craggy-faced Odysseus—the “wisest among the Achaeans”—with whom Helen would enjoy a long, happy reign as Sparta’s queen. Naturally, Helen chooses Meneleus, and thus follows betrayals, misunderstandings, and intrigues that lead to the destruction of Sparta and Troy. Kidnapped by Paris, forced to marry him and bear sons by his cleverer brother, Deiphobus, Helen concentrates on protecting the hordes who worship her—whether as the Goddess on Earth in Sparta or as Inanna in Troy. Her efforts to play out the Goddess’s maternal role are at cross purposes with the male rulers’ ambitions, however—and constant misunderstandings result. Herding her subjects out of besieged Sparta, she is accused of abandoning her post. Refusing to abandon her Trojan sons when Meneleus arrives to rescue her, she commits treason. Then, attempting to free the Trojan people from their despotic rulers by allowing the Trojan horse within the city walls, she betrays her Trojan husband.
Dora Benley’s portrayal of Helen as supporter of the people and clever, if misunderstood, female in a world of men—as opposed to the more familiar fickle housewife—keeps this classic, action-packed tale bubbling to the last huzzah. An auspicious beginning —and a delightful read.

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