Murder in Jasper On Promotion Tomorrow:

Murder in Jasper will be on promotion starting tomorrow.

Millicent is haunted by bizarre images of a spooky landscape that she has never seen before in her life. As soon as she closes her eyes at night she seems to be transported to a different world. Fissures and cracks open up in the earth. There is rumbling and groaning. The Earth speaks to her in different voices. Waters from all sides fill in the fissures and holes in the earth, boiling and bubbling up.
She wakes to the sound of “Who? Who? Who?” Owls perch in the trees outside her bedroom window in her house in Alberta, Canada in the town of Five Hundred Lakes. She looks a the portrait of her boyfriend, Andrew Stark, in the photo by her bed. He disappeared a year ago in a search and rescue mission in the Rocky Mountains.

Her cat brings her a package wrapped up in bows addressed to “My Can Do Girl.” She opens it up and finds a gold pin. It was the second anniversary of the day she met Andrew at a race and he helped her over the finish line and called her “My Can Do Girl”. She wonders how such a thing is possible.
Millicent looks out the window into the Rocky Mountain landscape and wonders if he is still out there somewhere. Is he perhaps calling to her from the dream world that she visits every night, the one with the dry, cracked earth and the bubbling waters? Is it a real place that she must find? Can she find the answer to what happened one year ago there? Millicent had better figure it all out very, very soon because there could also be someone or something lingering in the shadows that wants her as dead as Andrew.

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Last Day To Pre-Order Dark 2:

Today is the last day to pre-order Dark 2 by Dora Benley for only $5.95 before the young adult thriller is published tomorrow, November 8.

In Dark 2 Bianca Winters thinks she has lost the love of her life, Doc Ernie McCollough. He used to be her medical advisor when she was recovering from the shock of witnessing a murder. Now she must try to cope all by herself while serving as the live-in nanny/permanent babysitter for St. Simons Island’s little heiress, Little Katie Shipley.

Suddenly there is a new man in town, Byron Kingsley, fresh from England. He begins to serve as her new medical advisor while she tries to recover her memory after the shock of the killing two years before while she was babysitting her charge. And he shows up just in time as the Island’s infamous criminal, Mike Fellini, tries to kidnap Little Katie and hold her for ransom.

But just as Bianca, Byron, Little Katie, and entourage are ready to flee to safety in England, a controversy breaks wide open about Byron Kingsley. Mysteries are associated with her new love as they lead to the horrendous, spine tingling conclusion to Dora Benley’s new young adult thriller.
If you liked Dark 2, you will enjoy other young adult thrillers by Dora Benley including Dark 3: Special Edition, Dark: A Trilogy, Dark 1, Julia: A Novel, and Livia: A Novel.

Teens rarely need an excuse to stay up late, but The Dark by Dora Benley would give pause for thought to even the most steely-nerved youngster. A genuinely gripping horror story. Approach with caution.
The Sunday Independent, Dublin, Ireland



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