Lately I have been hearing a lot about Kronborg Castle near Copenhagen, Denmark, which apparently is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. What is its claim to fame? Supposedly this is Hamlet’s Castle immortalized by William Shakespeare’s play, and this year we are celebrating four hundred years of William Shakespeare, the Bard. Never having seen it before —- the closest I’ve come is Hamburg, Germany —- I looked up photos. It does look incredibly dark, gloomy, and moody, just the sort of place where a ghost might walk such as Hamlet’s Ghost. Apparently there are even catacombs! Nor do they lack for canons on the roof for defense as any proper castle should. But the one thing they don’t have and obviously should have is the Lawrence maps.
Dora and Edward are always looking for a place to hide the Lawrence maps from Hitler. In the 1930’s they meet somebody from Denmark who suggests the old castle. Nobody would suspect they were there. But suddenly when Hitler overruns Denmark there is a mad dash for the castle to recover them. Somebody could get murdered along the way. Then it would truly be Murder at Hamlet’s Castle.

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