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Edward Ware has been busy evading the machinations first of the Kaiser then of Hitler as the Germans do everything they can to steal the Lawrence maps. What is he up to next after World War 2? Rumor has it that he and his wife, Dora, Lady Ware, are going to set up a private detective agency, despite the fact that Edward is now a peer and a member of the House of Lords. Of course it will be kept a closely guarded secret known only to those who have certain connections. But what will be his first case? His second? Or is it all a big rumor?

Would you like to know how the Edward Ware thrillers were written? Take a behind the scenes peek at the workaday world of authors Linda Cargill and her husband, Gary Cargill, another secret sleuth team. As a special aside, listen to interviews with key characters such as the Dowager Lady Ware who will tell you how she planted her magnificent country garden in the New Forest on the heath at Ware Hall and will take you through all the steps of selecting carp for her famous carp pond including techniques of raising carp that you might apply to your own backyard. How was the table set for the grand banquet that entertained Joachim von Ribbentrop, the new German ambassador to England in the 1930’s? Get some good old-fashioned recipes that might have been served. Discover the world of the Edward Ware thrillers.

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