Below you will find what we at Cheops Books, LLC like to call our Dark Gallery. You will find the original covers for the original Dark Series published by Scholastic UK in paperback. Cheops Books, LLC has its own Dark Series currently available on Kindle on Amazon: Double Dark, Are You Afraid of the Dark? and Dark 2. Soon those books will be joined by Dark 3: Special Edition. We have just commissioned a cover artist to sketch characters from the novels in stark black and white. If you haven’t already decided for yourselves how these characters look, these line drawings may help you make up your minds. “Stories out of the past” is the motto of Cheops Books, LLC. So let it extend to our illustrations.

Publishing black and white sketches of characters and scenes from the novels was a common practice in the nineteenth century particularly during the Victorian era. Charles Dickens novels such as Dombey and Son would typically appear with such black and white sketches which were considered to be collectibles back then. The original Sherlock Holmes Detective Series was full of such drawings also. No novel was considered complete without them.

So here goes! Maybe we at Cheops Book, LLC will start a new trend for the Now Era.

Below you will find old Dark covers drawn by Scholastic UK book cover artists. These were the original editions of the Dark 1 and Dark 2 thrillers for the YA market. They were part of the Scholastic Point Horror Line:

Below find the very first Dark book that preceded all the others. This mystery thriller was part of the Cora Verlag Mystery Line published in Hamburg in German. It was entitled Are You Afraid Of The Dark? or Angst Im Dunkeln? and gives you a colored drawing of Bianca Winters, the young adult heroine of the series who acts as a detective trying to ferret out what is really going on while the murderers and kidnappers attempt to bump her off.

The Dark is a series with quite a history for a mass market line of books.