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The teenage heroine is playing the part of Ophelia on the stage back at her high school. Suddenly when Hamlet is lamenting over her dead body, for she was supposed to have committed suicide to escape the wild Danish prince, the lid to the coffin slams shut. She does not remember anything else until she wakes up in the trunk of a car in a car repair shop in Hole, Arizona where she has never been before in her life. Worse, she cannot remember anything except a few lines from the play:

Tomorrow is St. Valentines Day.
All the morning betime.
And I a maid at your window,
To be your Valentine . . .

Those had been the lines that her character on the stage, Ophelia, had been reciting near the stream where she killed herself. At this point the heroine cannot even remember her own name, though she is dressed in diamonds and expensive clothing.

She is thrown out of the car repair shop with a wad of money in her hand and stumbles into a bar and grill where other teenage girls start picking on her because she looks so out of it. She does not know where to go next. Has she been robbed? Are thugs after her? She had better figure it all out soon or she will find herself dead.

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