Blue Heron Mystery Has A Brand New Cover:

Blue Heron Mystery has a brand new cover. It is quite moody and suggestive with a beach chair pointed out to sea but clearly empty of all occupants. What happened to the girl who was sitting there only moments before? That is the business of Blue Heron Mystery to suggest what might have happened almost before your very eyes in the blink of an eyelash.

Melissa’s parents have moved to Hilton Head Island to pursue their real estate dreams in her senior year in high school. Her social life crashes. Her old boyfriend runs off with the class flirt, leaving her with no one. She is having trouble making friends in her new high school. Even worse, her parents keep wanting her to babysit her new baby sister, Nancy, and that makes her even more of a social outcast

When Melissa thinks she has reached her peak of being out of it, things take a radical turn for the worse. She is walking on the beach after she has a blow up with her mother about taking care of Nancy. First she stumbles into a huge blue heron who scares her to death. Then she stumbles into a dead body of a girl in a beach chair looking out to sea. The police show up. They think she did it. Is somebody trying to frame her? What does Melissa do next? She had better figure it out soon before she ends up in jail for life.

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Blue Heron Mystery starts the evolution of a theme in Dora Benley’s novels that becomes even bigger in other series —- kidnapping little girls. The kidnapping of Nancy in this thriller develops into the kidnapping of Little Katie in the Dark Series and ends up as the kidnapping of Thomasina Edwina Ware in the Edward Ware Thrillers at War Series.