Zara Vine Book One: The Shallows by Tor Raven:

Zara Vine Book One: The Shallows by Tor Raven is a new police series available on Amazon Kindle. Get it while it is hot. Can’t have too much of a good thing? Soon book two will be available.

Zara Vine is a modern woman with a troubled history and a talent for turning baggage into power. As the youngest Detective Superintendent of the Metropolitan Police she is forced to resign because of an armed response in which an innocent is shot. Her career in tatters, her marriage over and worst of all, the death of her only child, she decides to leap to oblivion from a famous cliff top. Saved by a Samaritan, she self-drives a rebirth and joins the Polechester City Police, the smallest UK force. Initially tasked with Cold Cases, she is called in to solve a series of murders with sinister undertones and national implications.

But who exactly is she? Who are her real masters? What is her agenda? Dubbed the She Wolf and the alpha female, she drives all before her in the search for answers and uncovers crimes of world class horror in Book One.

Written in a very modern style, compelling, taught with emotion, passion and fear, Zara Vine will draw you in and grip you right through to the stunning conclusion.