Edward Ware Thrillers Newsletter December, 2018:

During the last month we promoted several Dora Benley young adult titles on Amazon Kindle: Murder on Hollywood Beach, Murder on Spirit Island,and Silver Wolf Moon.

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 Soon Cheops Books LLC will be publishing another Dora Benley young adult thriller, Mysterious Neighbor, the current promotion.

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Teenager Madeline Anthony-Pratt climbs over the wall to her neighbor’s house one night to retrieve her cat. Intruders appear. She hides in theshadows. They whisper in a foreign tongue and hold out a Pepsi canwith black crud on it. They light a match.

Why are they trying to blow up her neighbor’s house tonight? The men aren’t telling as the match gets closer to the wick.

In Mysterious NeighborMadeline and her boyfriend, Drew, are left to deal with matters as best they can, and even Drew can’t help much. He had just enlisted in the military. No adults seem willing to help except the old lady next door, the mysterious neighbor, who is being targeted by the thugs. She has all too much totell Madeline. And the teenager can count the seconds ticking away on her life after she finds out the dangerous information the old lady has to impart to her.

This is no ordinary plot. It’s bigger than 9/11 and far more devastating. It has been two thousand years in the making.

On March 15 Cheops Books LLC will published Caesar’s Lost Legions by Dora Benley, another YA thriller and Roman book.

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Caesar Augustus has sent Caelius Antonius to the Roman province of Germania in 9 AD to draw a map of wonders that will lead the legions to a promised land as far East as the River Elbe. There are reports of a asea port that would serve as a highway to lands as yet unnamed.

Augustus’s ward,Arminius, a model German turned Roman, has volunteered to lead the legions of Varus there. Caelius awakens one night to find a symbol ofThor’s hammer engraved in the tree bark outside his tent. He sensesa spy from some disaffected tribe watching him. He reports the spy toVarus who defers to Arminius. Arminius says that all the Germans areof course watching, delighted that the Romans have come to civilize their benighted country.

Evidence builds of a conspiracy. Caelius reports it to Augustus back in Rome personally.But Augustus refuses to listen. Arminius was his ward who had livedin his house in Rome, and Caesar had never had a son of his own.Arminius was his blind spot. As a warning to Caelius, Caelius’swife is kidnapped. No matter what Caelius must defend his maps to thedeath. They hold the key to Rome’s future. He hopes that neither henor his wife must die to realize it.

Join Edward’s long ago ancestor,  Caelius, in his adventures on the far frontiers of the Roman Empire in Germany. They echo the adventures his latter day descendant, Edward Ware, will someday face in his own map plots against the latter-day Germans.