Dark Series Belongs To A Vanished Era:

Cheops Books LLC has been publishing and republishing books from a vanished era, a vanished genre, of books this autumn, the Dark Series. It is hardly like resurrecting Pompeii as Cheops Books LLC will do when it published Pliny: A Novel. But still Dark 1 and Dark 2 were written as a two-volume series of books in the Scholastic UK Point Horror Series and were first published some years ago. The Point Horror Series no longer exists and his been replaced by all sorts of fantasy derivatives instead and the perpetually popular romance derivatives.

But some people like to collect old books the way they collect old wines. Their flavor deepens over time. Just as somebody might collect and watch old Hitchcock movies which are certainly no longer produced anymore, he might want to settle down with a Point Horror novel and remember the way things used to be when readers relished an honest scare or sudden fright falling out of a well-placed closet.

In just a few more days Cheops Books will publish Dark: A Trilogy collecting all three books in the Dark Series in one place. In the same line of books Cheops Books has already published The Surfer and Pool Party, Point Horror USA titles, by Linda Cargill.



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