What Does Little Katie Look Like?

When you are reading Dark 3: Special Edition you might wonder what one of the main characters looks like. Little Katie is the four-year-old heiress, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Shipley of St. Simons Island, who is always being kidnapped and held for ransom. It happens in Dark 1, Dark 2, and also in the current book about to be published by Dora Benley on September 15, Dark 3: Special Edition. How do you visualize the little girl? We have a drawing done by the original publishers of Dark 2, Scholastic UK, that might give you an idea. She is holding her toy bears and has her finger in her mouth. The world is very puzzling from her perspective.
Likewise with Lord Leopold Ware, another main character in the Dark 3 young adult thriller, we have but a sketch. But it is merely a sketch of Leopold as a young man. The Leopold of Dark 3 is already 97 years old. He has been through a lot since his earlier days, mainly one intrigue after another. Now he is embroiled in a plot with a bunch of Neo Nazis. He is trying to prevent them from kidnapping Little Katie. To do so he has traveled all the way to Disney Land where the novel opens on Little Katie’s fourth birthday.

How would you alter this sketch of Leopold Ware to reflect what he must look like now? If you have suggestions for the authors and the publisher please drop a note in the Contact Box on the Cheops Books LLC website, http://www.edwardwarethrillers.org. If we like it enough, we may publish it with the book on September 15.

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