Revamp Old Faithful Plot Book Cover:

For the Old Faithful Plot book cover show a blue Cadillac V16 of a 1933 vintage meandering slowly through the morass of the Yellowstone hot pots and geysers. Dora and Edward are driving in the car, Edward at the steering wheel. They are both looking in horror out Dora’s passenger side window down at a bubbling mudpot by the side of the road. The image of Dora will resemble the face of the lady in the cover for Salisbury Plot. Edward’s face will be like that of Lawrence’s companion in the cover for Armistice Plot. Both will be dressed in 1930’s clothing as they gape in disbelief at what awaits them in the plot of this novel.

Old Faithful Plot, an historical thriller by Dora Benley, will soon be published by Cheops Books, LLC.

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