Publication Dates For Novels In 2018:

Cheops Books LLC has come up with a rough outline of when various historical thrillers and historical romantic thrillers by Dora Benley will be released this year, 2018. First of all, on April 9 we expect to publish Julia: A Romance. Right now you can enter the Goodreads Giveaway for that romantic thriller about ancient Rome.

On May 4 we plan to publish the second volume in the Edward Ware Thrillers at War Series, Salisbury Plot, on Amazon Kindle. It has a brand new cover that will send chills up your spine. At the same time we will release the audiobook edition of the work on Audible.

On Saturday, June 16 we plan to release Old Faithful Plot in which Hitler plans to blow up Yellowstone National Park. The cover art by Daniel Teran is a real winner.

On October 1, the days that Lawrence of Arabia and General Allensby won the Battle of Damascus against the Ottoman Turks and brought about the Armistice to end the war will be the publication date of Armistice Plot which brings to an end everything about the First World War except Adolf Hitler.

Then on Armistice Day, November 11, the one hundredth anniversary of the end of World War 1, Cheops Books will publish Paris Peace Plot about the upcoming summit in Paris to sign the treaty to end the war. It was a treaty that was so poor, so malicious in intent, that the treaty itself became one of the major causes of World War 2. It was often cited by Adolf Hitler as such. And that leads right into other novels to come in the Edward Ware Thriller Series about World War 2.

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Captive at the Berghof: Part 1 in German:

Captive at the Berghof: Part 1 by Dora Benley and published by Cheops Books LLC will bring out a German edition on December 15. Newly translated and released for the first time, this volume represents Cheops Books LLC’s first release in a foreign language of any kind. We thought it was particularly appropriate to publish Captive at the Berghof in German. It is after all about Germany during World War 2 and the lead up during the 1930’s.

Hitler has found out about Colonel Sir Edward Ware’s secret undercover activities for Winston Churchill, and he’s playing hardball. He kidnaps Thomasina, Edward’s daughter, and won’t give the child back unless Edward and his wife, Dora, hand over the key to world domination – the Lawrence maps. They’d better do something fast before Thomasina truly becomes Hitler’s daughter.

Captive at the Berghof was meticulously researched on the ground in Germany by the authors. They visited Nuremberg and climbed the stands where Hitler spoke and where Hitler was photographed by Leni Riefenstahl. They also ate in the current day Burger King which used to be the station where the lights for the arena were controlled. They did not miss the site of the Berghof in the Alps Mountains where Hitler used to spent much of his time.

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Hitler’s Chief Spy Is Hitler’s Agent:

The villainess, Helga von Wessel, Hitler’s chief spy, struts boldly from page to page of this thriller with Europe at her back and all sorts of ambitious notions in her head during the lead up to WW2. As far as she is concerned it isn’t Hitler’s Reich. It is Helga’s Reich. She will wrap the hero, Colonel Sir Edward Ware, Churchill’s spy, around her little finger to prove it. Nor does it matter what Edward’s American wife, Dora, says. Hitler’s Agent, about Hitler’s chief spy, is the sixth volume of the Edward Ware Thrillers at War Series. It will be published by Cheops Books LLC on October 15 in a special Kindle Edition of the historical thriller.

Chapter 1 in July of 1935 opens with a passage where the Colonel cannot find his wife:

Edward looked from one end of Hamburg Harbor
to the other, searching for his wife.

“Have you seen Lady Ware?” he asked Brigadier “Wickie” Roberts.
His superior was about to board the Deutschland.
The ship featured the new Hitler turret, which they had
just gotten a chance to review in the parade of ships up
the Elbe River. He and Brigadier Roberts were part of
the British military mission sent to Germany by Prime
Minister Baldwin to celebrate the recent signing of the
Anglo-German Naval Treaty.

The brigadier shrugged. “Not recently.”

“When was the last time you saw Dora?” Edward

“Right before the parade of ships. She was in a
heated discussion with Frau von Wessel, you know, the
wife of the Commercial Attaché at the German Embassy
in London.”

The German Chancellor, Adolf Hitler, had been
doing his best to distract Edward with probing questions.
Frau von Wessel, Hitler’s chief spy, was likely after his
wife about the same thing that Hitler was after him for
— the Lawrence maps.


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Captive of the Berghof: Part 1 in German:

Chapter 6 of Captive at the Berghof Part 1 is now ready to read. Cheops Books LLC has posted it on the website under the German installments section. This is our next step in the publication of the German Edition of the novel.

This October Captive at the Berghof: Part 1 will be displayed at the IBPA booth in Frankfurt, Germany at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Hopefully the new German edition will be in the proof stage by then. Perhaps a German book store might want to display it or sell it. Perhaps a German publisher might pick it up and curiously examine the translation. It might even interest a librarian.

In Captive at the Berghof Adolf Hitler threatens Colonel Sir Edward Ware and Dora, Lady Ware, that if they do not hand over the Lawrence maps, key to world domination, he will kidnap their daughter.

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Dark Dream Sequence In Old Faithful Plot Features Pompeii:

What on earth do Yellowstone National Park and Pompeii have in common? One is out West in America at 8000 feet above sea level surrounded by the Rocky Mountains and the other is in Italy along the coast on the Bay of Naples at sea level. One is there nowadays. One used to be there 2000 years ago in ancient Roman times. One is sparsely populated except by summer crowds of tourists. It is in a rural area far away from civilization. The other used to be an urban center of some size.

Both are dominated by volcanoes. That is the big similarity. Vesuvius was an active volcano in ancient times and is still an active volcano nowadays. It erupted during World War 2. There have been tremors and earthquakes since then. Yellowstone is dominated by all sorts of minor earthquakes that can barely be felt by the tourists. However, even more so than Vesuvius it is a supervolcano of enormous proportions and almost unimaginable destructive potential.

In the upcoming Edward Ware Thrillers at War novel Old Faithful Plot these similarities between Yellowstone and Pompeii have captured Adolf Hitler’s attention. He is chasing his enemy operative Colonel Sir Edward Ware and his fiancee Dora Benley all the way to the Rocky Mountains to capture the elusive Lawrence maps, key to winning the next war. He threatens the couple that if they don’t hand over the maps they are hiding from him he will attempt to blow up one of the geysers and Yellowstone itself to start a giant volcanic eruption that will remove America from the map and make sure she can’t interfere in any war.

But in a dark nightmare sequence Dora sees the ash flying about as it did in Pompeii two thousands years ago. She relives that horrible eruption and wonders what mankind is destined to suffer at the hands of the tyrannical Fuhrer.


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Rommel: The General’s Namesake:
Here we have Rommel the black Labrador Retriever, pure bred and descended of a noble stock. He is pictured crooning to his favorite songs in the backseat of our minivan here at Cheops Books LLC. He was named after the famous World War 2 German general of the same name. Erwin Rommel figures in several of our historical thriller novels such as Captive at the Berghof parts 1 and 2 and in Hitler’s Agent and Helga’s Reich. He is the great antagonist of General Lord Edward Ware in North Africa in 1942, particularly at the Battle of El Alamein. General Rommel wants the Lawrence maps, key to world domination, to learn how to avoid the soft sands in the Sahara Desert in order to take Cairo and Alexandria and push the British out of Mid-East Headquarters and out of Africa itself. We here at Cheops Books LLC thought Rommel was a fitting name for a pugnacious dog who loves to dart about. When running he moves with the speed of a charging tank. Very appropriate indeed.


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Chapter 12: Wall Street Swastika: Nazi Party In London:
Now that Dora, Edward, and Churchill along with the Prof had evaded the onslaught of the Nazi spies at the British Museum and at Studland Beach and had finally deposited the Lawrence maps where no one could find them for now, they could finally concentrate on Hitler. Winston invited them to stay at Chartwell for several days. At Winston’s estate in Kent they received almost hourly reports about Nazi activities in London and back in Germany itself.
The cook was serving lunch when Churchill opened a missive from one of his spies on the ground in Germany. He read it through first to himself while he was smoking a cheroot, mumbling and exclaiming. Edward leaned over his shoulder to see what was what. Dora waited in suspense to find out what strange turn was next.
“Ha! So Hitler is trying to populate the government of Thuringia with his Nazi thugs!” Churchill exclaimed. “He is trying to nominate Wilhelm Frick as the head of both ministries, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of the Interior, and the German People’s Party, the DVP, complains that the man was a man convicted of high treason for his part in the Beer Hall Putsch in 1923. Good for them!”
Edward nodded, “I remember the man. We were in the streets fighting the Nazis to the last man during the Putsch,” Edward brought back an unpleasant memory. Dora had been there, too. “That man was one of the worst, the most unprincipled, bastards.”
“Does Hitler have the power to make the party accept his nominees?” Dora asked.
Winston sighed as he looked up from the letter from Germany. “Not by himself. But apparently he is lobbying industrialists in the area. And they are bringing pressure upon the heads of the German People’s Party to make Wilhelm Frick their man.”
“What exactly does Hitler want Frick to do?” Dora was puzzled.
“Frick is supposed to purge the Thuringian government of leftists and liberals and replace them with Nazi ideologues who believe in racism to the last man, including all the police and all the members of the civil service,” Edward said.
Churchill read on, practically crushing his cheroot between his teeth. “So here is something we can act upon right away!” he looked up hopefully at Edward. “The gall of the man! He is holding a fund raising event right here in London.”
“What!” Edward practically exploded.
Churchill nodded. “At the German Embassy in London. They are having a grand ball and banquet and getting English aristocrats to contribute to the Nazi cause.”
Edward rolled his eyes toward the ceiling. “I can see it now! They would be idiotic enough to do it, too. Nazism is the latest fashion in London.”
“Hitler is using this money as bribes to industrialists and party officials in Thuringia to start molding Germany to his Nazi vision.”
Edward was to appear at the ball that Saturday night. Dora was to be his guest visiting him in London. But she had to go in disguise. They could not have the newspapers reporting Mrs. Byrne to be where she was not supposed to be. After all, according to the excuse she sent to her parents and Michael, she was staying with her friend Rita Jolivet in New York to help her put her finances back together after the Crash.
Dora entered the ball on Edward’s arm. She was dressed to the hilt in the latest Elsa Shaparelli gown, but since it was a costume ball she was wearing a mask. There was a gaming table in the next room. It was presided over by that spy of spies, Herr von Wessel, Hitler’s right-hand man, and his evil wife, Frau von Wessel. Dora and Edward had encountered them many times before on other missions. They were bad news.
Frau von Wessel was dressed in a Coco Chanel original, a black dress with silver sequins that clung to her curves. She beamed with a wicked smile at the English aristocrats that she greeted by name and escorted them over to the gaming table where Herr von Wessel was presding like a Master of Ceremonies. All this occurred under the big Nazi flags that decorated the ballroom, turning the German Embassy into a kind of circus. To make things even more wicked, there was an open bar on the other side of the room with the gaming table. Drinks were on the house.
Dora and Edward split up according to plan. Edward headed for the gaming table. He pretended to be paying attention to the game, though the von Wessels were immediately on alert. What they did not watch and were not supposed to watch was Dora. She took up her position at the free bar and ordered a drink which she pretended to sip and really poured out in special container she had brought with her in her evening bag. While they were not watching her, she slipped a sleeping potion into the punch bowl. She smiled as a server immediately dipped into it and filled drinks to be taken over to the gaming table. Edward alone knew not to drink anything at the event.
Soon other gamblers were starting to nod off around Edward. Edward complained loudly that no one was taking the game seriously, and it was getting boring around here. Frau von Wessel whispered to her husband. They both frowned severely.
Edward extended his arm to Dora. She took hold of it. Smugly they both left the room resounding with snores.
“Very clever!” Herr von Wessel shouted after them. “But Hitler will answer you all too soon.”

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Third Chapter of Wall Street Swastika:
Dora and Edward retired to bed that night on the ship. They hid the threat from Hitler after sharing it with Winston. Winston wanted to save it to give it to the Prof, his friend from Oxford, to copy so he could keep better track of what Hitler was attempting.
Dora and Edward stayed in their cabin the next day and invited Winston over. They did not want to be seen in public on the ship. They could not be sure that Hitler had not stationed a spy aboard the ship to watch them and report back to the Fuhrer what they were up to.
Dora thought it was particularly eerie that Hitler has attached a note to a skiff at sea and let it crash against the ocean liner. The thing had looked like an abandoned boat and had haunted her dreams last night. It had even seemed ghostly.
The next day they woke up docked in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Their ship was tied up practically underneath an old lighthouse in the harbor. Dora asked the cabin steward. He said it was called the Georges Island Lighthouse. It had been here since 1876. She wondered why or if it was her imagination that she saw somebody at the top of the lighthouse staring down at her looking out her porthole window.
Winston suggested having breakfast on the deck in the deck chairs. Leave it up to the MP to like all the niceties that the cruise ship could provide. Dora did not want to encourage him. But she hardly had the courage to even tell Edward —- let alone Winston —- what she thought she had seen in the tower. She kept her eyes uneasily fixed on it as she sat down.
Dora could hardly study the menu. When the waiter showed up she said she would have what Edward had.
“Dora,” Edward chided her reproachfully, “your mind seems to be somewhere else!”
Winston had asked her a question. She had not heard what he had said.
“Mrs. Byrne, when you get to London, where are you going to stay?” Winston repeated himself.
“Oh, I just thought I’d stay at Ware Hall, I —”
She caught the look in Edward’s eye. He was shaking his head “no”.
She realized that might attract attention. They did not want to tip Michael off where she was. She had given him the lame excuse that she had to sail to England and then Paris because her old shipmate from the Lusitania, her best friend, was getting married.
“Oh, I guess I will rent a flat or stay in a hotel. Who knows?” she shrugged. That was not important now.
“Clementine would be glad to host you at Chartwell in the countryside. We don’t have any nosey guests right now, and that would keep you well away from the city and Hitler’s spies. Your husband also would be damn confused where to find you.”
She smiled.
Just then she happened to glance at the lighthouse across the bay. A gunman was leaning out of the tower aiming for them. Dora screamed as he began to fire.
Edward responded immediately without even seeing what was going on. He shoved her onto the floor and rolled on top of her. He knocked Winston under the table and overturned it. The tea things and trays went smashing to the deck as he used it as a shield. Other passengers farther down the deck screamed as the deck hand came rushing their direction.
A lady screamed and screamed and screamed.
“Edward, look!” Dora pointed up at the lighthouse tower. “It’s Rita Jolivet. They are going to push her out the window.”

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Wall Street Swastika:
On the morning of October 24, 1929 Dora wakes up in her suite in the Waldorf Astoria in New York City. Her lover, Colonel Sir Edward Ware, wakes up beside her. Today is his last day in New York City and in America itself. They are supposed to wander down Fifth Avenue and stop in a jewelry store or two to buy her a memento of his visit, probably the last this year and this decade. Dora, Mrs. Byrne, sighs to think she must return to Pittsburgh where her Robber Baron father, President of Benley Tire and Rubber, holes up and where her husband in name only, Michael Byrne, works for her father. If only she could be returning with Edward in tow as her new husband! But that would require a divorce and scandal which Edward’s career cannot sustain.
Edward reminds her that they have to hurry. They are meeting Winston Churchill, the MP, and his partner in the Lawrence map intrigue for lunch on Wall Street. Winston is meeting with his Jewish friend and financier in America. But when they get there something out of the ordinary is obviously afoot. People are screaming down Wall Street, usually the sober financial capital of the US. Others are standing at windows climbing out on windowsills looking as if they are ready to jump.
They hurry into the restaurant only to find it deserted. They get a call from Winston. He asks him to meet him in his financial advisor’s office. He’s losing his shirt, everything he has invested in stocks in America.
She and Edward appear only to see the unbelievable. Stocks are indeed crashing. Dora’s father calls and proclaims how smart he was never to sell stock in his company. Winston tries to keep up everybody’s spirits as he goes down to financial ruin.
“No one has even thought of the worst effect of all this economic loss all around us. In Germany Hitler has risen to the head of the National Socialist Party. But for the past few years of prosperity he has been stopped there. He hasn’t won a general election yet. But now I am afraid this crash will unleash the powers of darkness.”
Edward pushed aside his own losses from what was left of his own father’s Adolphus Motor’s fortune. He realizes the real gravity of the day. Dora wonders what fate will have in store for them in the next few years.
Read Wall Street Swastika soon to be published by Cheops Books LLC as an Edward Ware Thrillers at War book.

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