Introducing An Illustrated Edition of Dark 3: Special Edition:
The photos included in the Dark 3: Special Edition Photo Gallery on the Edward Ware Thrillers website were taken on an expedition to the Redwood Coast and Brookings, Oregon and a separate expedition to the Hoh Rain Forest and the beach at the Kalaloch Lodge in the Olympic Park. More photos were also snapped on a third expedition all the way to Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Waterloo where the climax of the book occurs. They help to illustrate the various settings of the young adult thriller novel that is the conclusion not only of the Dark Series but also of the Edward Ware Thrillers at War Series. Hold onto your seats for the ending. It will make you sit up and take notice. Return to the Dark 3: Special Edition Photo Gallery from time to time. We are always adding new photos.
And by the way, the published Kindle edition of this book, Dark 3: Special Edition, along with the paperback edition will also include illustrations for the first time ever. What does Doc look like? Bianca? Mrs. Baker or Lord Leopold Ware? How about the Shipleys from St. Simons Island? Bianca’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Winters? How about the heiress, Little Katie herself? We hope to include black and white sketches of these people. Let us know what you think. How do they look? We would like your input especially if you are a fan of the Dark series.