A little blonde girl named Little Katie stars in all the books of the Dark Series from Dark 1 through Dark 3: Special Edition. We here at Cheops Books LLC thought of putting her on the cover of Dark: A Trilogy but then decided her real place was on the cover of Dark 1 to lead off the series. At first she is a newborn snatched from her crib by robbers and kidnappers. She is attacked in a cemetery by those wanting to hold her for ransom. For the little girl is an heiress to one of the biggest fortunes in America. Bianca Winters, her babysitter, is sworn to protect her.

Where did the idea of such a beguiling little miss come from to begin with?

Here is the Scholastic UK version of Little Katie complete with her favorite Bear named TR:

But here is the real life Little Katie who used to live across the street from the author’s house. Her name was also Little Katie: