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The Salisbury Plot Will Soon Appear On Audible

Salisbury Plot will soon be available as an audio book on Audible Cheops Books, LLC has hired a recording artist to tell Dora’s story first as Mrs. Byrne on the sinking Morro Castle and then as Lady Ware married to… Continue Reading →

English: The Language Of Shakespeare and the Edward Ware Thrillers

English: The Language of Shakespeare and the Edward Ware Thrillers: I don’t know the exact rules either, but I heard from an academic who was studying the subject that the Republic of Ireland requires students to learn Gaelic, and Northern… Continue Reading →

Goodreads Giveaway Reviews For Dark Horse

Goodreads Giveaway Reviews For Dark Horse: Dark Horse is an historical thriller about the 1940 election where FDR ran against Wendell Wilkie. Cheops Books LLC published it on November 8, 2016 on election eve 2016, the day of the big… Continue Reading →

Dora Benley, the World Traveler

Dora Benley, the World Traveler: Dora Benley had no idea when she set out on our journey with her parents on May 1, 1915 to England that she was embarking on a lifetime of travel. The young woman at that… Continue Reading →

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