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What If Trump Were Prime Minister Of Great Britain:

What If Trump Were Prime Minister of Great Britain: What I don’t understand is how May keeps on holding onto power and why she is still PM. Why don’t they hold a vote of confidence? It might make a movie… Continue Reading →

Winston Churchill And The British Brexit

Winston Churchill And The British Brexit: I have no idea why England got itself involved in this nonsense to begin with. It seems inconceivable to an American how you could give away your national sovereignty to foreign powers, especially those… Continue Reading →

Trump and Titus: 2000 Years of the Jews in Europe

Trump and Titus: 2000 Years of the Jews in Europe: Yesterday when Trump was making a speech on the White House steps about his tax cut and congressmen and senators were standing on the stairs, it was reminiscent of the… Continue Reading →

Catalonia, The Roman Empire, And A Novel

Catalonia, The Roman Empire, and a Novel: I am glad to hear that the effort is doomed to fail. I am glad that the US, EU, UK, France, and Germany all agree that they will not recognize a separate Catalonia…. Continue Reading →

Brexit Reminiscent of WW2

Brexit Reminiscent of WW2: Germany and England are always quarreling with each other. The Brexit negotiations are only the latest round. The British should sock it to the Germans. Maybe the British government reflects the populace — extremely divided. Maybe… Continue Reading →

EU Should Reinstitute Border Checks

EU Should Reinstitute Border Checks: One of the dangers is that the EU thinks that it is modeling itself on America. It calls itself the United States of Europe. It is implementing new rules and laws that are dangerously inappropriate…. Continue Reading →

Merkel Fiddles While Hamburg Burns

Merkel Fiddles While Hamburg Burns: Here is one of my photos of the concert hall in Hafen City in Hamburg in the Harbor Area on the Elbe River surrounded by photos of rioters. This is where Trump and Melania Trump… Continue Reading →

Prediction for the Future: History Repeats Itself

Prediction For The Future: History Repeats Itself: My Prediction for the future: The EU was the immediate result of the fallout from World War 1 and World War 2, the main political and military events of the twentieth century. The… Continue Reading →

Long Shadows Of The Teutoburg Forest

The history of Europe even nowadays has been molded by that long ago Battle of the Teutoburg Forest in 9AD. As you say the Germans are in charge of the EU and especially its currency. The euro is the devalued… Continue Reading →

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