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Helga In The Tower Of London

Helga In The Tower of London: “Edward,” Churchill exclaimed, “you did not let me know about Helga von Wessel!” He threw out his arms to take in the whole dining room at the Savoy. “She surprised me by barging in… Continue Reading →

Edward Flees Alaska And Returns To Britain

Edward Flees Alaska And Returns To Britain: Edward drove the team far away from the underground prison in Denali. He even was careful not to stop at the Ice Palace where he knew Helga von Wessel would still be waiting… Continue Reading →

Escape From The Prison At The Ice Palace

Escape From The Prison At The Ice Palace: Edward reached the point of no return very soon. But he could not catch the monster that Helga had nicknamed “Igor” soon enough. He was gone across the snow banks and fields… Continue Reading →

Helga Takes Edward Captive in Denali

Helga Takes Edward Captive in Denali: “You do have Lady Ware in your custody, don’t you?” Helga prompted the monster. The creature nodded and answered in some sort of incomprehensible brogue that sounded like a combination of very bad Russian… Continue Reading →

Helga von Wessel And Frankenstein In Denali

Helga von Wessel And Frankenstein In Denali: Edward thought at first that Churchill was sending him to investigate an apocryphal story. He imagined that his mission would set it to rest for all time the legend about the vamp. Surely… Continue Reading →

Russian Blackmail at the Ice Palace

Russian Blackmail at the Ice Palace: Edward realized in the short time it had taken to finish the ride showing off all the prisons in the Ice Palace, it took just the same amount of time to resort to deviltry…. Continue Reading →

General Lord Edward Ware’s Ice Palace of Evil

Ice Palace of Evil: General Lord Edward Ware cannot believe where he finds himself. He looks around at the surroundings of the underground palace encased in ice on the outside so no one would ever suspect it was there in… Continue Reading →

Helga Sets Up A Kingdom In Denali

Helga Sets Up A Kingdom In Denali: Edward gets a note that purports to be from someone from long, long ago and faraway. He got it from a boat floating near the Mendenhall Glacier outside Juneau, the capital of Alaska…. Continue Reading →

Edward Roving Through Alaska

Edward Roving Through Alaska: As part of his new mission for Churchill in the mid 1950’s General Lord Edward Ware takes leave of his job as the black rod in the House of Lords. He and Dora, Lady Ware, board… Continue Reading →

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