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Candide As A Book For Our Own Time:

Candide As A Book For Our Own Time: Actually the Black Death would have been a good example why people from the late Middle Ages would NEVER visit London and perhaps for a while after that. Sanitation conditions were such… Continue Reading →

New Road Secret From Cheops Books LLC

New Road Secret From Cheops Books LLC As Cheops Books LLC plans to be on the road again researching ideas for its fiction, it wants to share with you one of its newest, best travel tips: Airbnb. We have been… Continue Reading →

Another Edward Ware Thrillers Plot

Another Edward Ware Thrillers Plot: How about this one? If you were pursuing it nowadays you would start in London and take the Eurostar through the Chunnel to Paris. Back in Edward’s and Dora’s time you would have to take… Continue Reading →

Helga In The Tower Of London

Helga In The Tower of London: “Edward,” Churchill exclaimed, “you did not let me know about Helga von Wessel!” He threw out his arms to take in the whole dining room at the Savoy. “She surprised me by barging in… Continue Reading →

We Publish Novels, Not Poetry

I don’t like poetry either for the most part. That is no doubt why I never wrote it. That is probably why I write novels. It is probably why you write novels, too. I just thought of something neat. You… Continue Reading →

Edward Took The Orient Express, Not The Eurostar Train

In Map Plot, soon to be published by Cheops Books LLC, the hero of the Edward Ware Thrillers at War Series, Lieutenant Sir Edward Ware, must undertake a spy mission to Venice for Winston Churchill. In the early 1920s Adolf… Continue Reading →

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