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Cato Wants To Adopt Gaius Antonius

Cato Wants To Adopt Gaius Antonius As His Son And Heir: After the Senate declared war on Carthage, Cato summoned Gaius Antonius back to his house on Palatine Hill. As his niece and social hostess, Lavinia met Gaius at the… Continue Reading →

Cato Sends Gaius To Carthage To Make Drawings

Cato Sends Gaius to Carthage To Make Drawings: Gaius Antonius sat there in amazement as the senators crowded around Cato at the conclusion of the Senate session. They were all gossipping about the last war and all their family memories… Continue Reading →

Julia Visits The Forum In Julia: A Romance

Julia Visits The Forum in Julia: A Romance: One of the most perennial Roman monuments associated with the days of the Republic and Empire was the Roman Forum, or Forum Romanum in Latin. It was located in the valley between… Continue Reading →

Knossos And Julia: A Romance

Knossos And Julia: A Romance: When Julia marries Marcus Sisenna through an arranged marriage that her father, Senator Rufus, brokered, she had no idea about all the new experiences and responsibilities that she is taking on. She goes from being… Continue Reading →

Two Mediterranean Cruises That Dora And Edward Would Like

Two Mediterranean Cruises That Dora And Edward Would Like: Dora and Edward would want to visit Rome and Venice for certain and Gibraltar thrown in would not be a bad addition. So we would recommend that they sign up for… Continue Reading →

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