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Edward’s And Dora’s National Park Tour

Edward’s And Dora’s National Park Tour: In Old Faithful Plot Dora and Edward are headed west along the Lincoln Highway to Yellowstone National Park to escape Adolf Hitler and his spies. The spies are searching for the Lawrence maps, key… Continue Reading →

New Illustrations For Old Faithful Plot:

New Illustration For Old Faithful Plot: Dora and Edward are focused on a strange creature indeed crawling out from underneath Edward’s 1930’s automobile —- the Gila Monster. A native of the Sonoran Desert in southern Arizona, this prehistoric survivor, this… Continue Reading →

Route 66 Postcards

Route 66 Postcards: While you are reading Old Faithful Plot, an Edward Ware Thrillers at War novel soon to be published by Cheops Books, LLC, you should have a copy of Route 66 Postcards by your side to leaf through… Continue Reading →

Dora and Edward Meet A Dinosaur

Dora and Edward Meet A Dinosaur: Dora and Edward have encountered all sorts of evil forces from Adolf Hitler himself to his secret agents Herr and Helga von Wessel to war itself. But in the Old Faithful Plot, another Edward… Continue Reading →

Cruising Along Route 66 With Cheops Books

Cruising Along Route 66 With Cheops Books: Old Faithful Plot has recently expanded to include Route 66. The Lincoln Highway began in 1913. Route 66 came later. But by 1933, the year of Edward’s and Dora’s epic journey west to… Continue Reading →

Murder at Stone Tree House

Murder at Stone Tree House: Dora and Edward must make their way down Route 66. They get the message in Chicago when they are fleeing from a movie theater with King Kong chasing them. Route 66 begins in Chicago as… Continue Reading →

Rendezvous at the Painted Desert Inn

Edward and Dora are on their way from New York Harbor all the way to Yellowstone National Park. At the last minute before they turn off the Lincoln Highway to make their way for the East Entrance to the national… Continue Reading →

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