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Where Did All The Femme Fatales Go?

Where Did All The Femme Fatales Go? Throughout the Edward Ware Thrillers at War Series we have various femme fatales who appear in each of the novels. In Vesuvius Plot we meet the femme fatale named Belona who appears to… Continue Reading →

Facebook Party For Salisbury Affair:

Facebook Party For Salisbury Affair: Dora and Edward Ware were married at Salisbury Cathedral on September 30, 1934. The cathedral was a stone’s throw away from Edward’s ancestral estate, Ware Hall, which had been in his family since Roman times…. Continue Reading →

Syrians Are The Modern Phoenicians

Syrians Are The Modern Phoenicians: Russia is to blame. Either they gave chemical weapons to the Syrians or they financed it which is the same thing. I don’t think you can call whatever is going on in Syria a “civil… Continue Reading →

Salisbury, England Faces Economic Disaster

Salisbury, England Faces Economic Disaster: Sky News reports one month after the chemical attack on Salisbury by Russia that local businesses are facing economic disaster. Even local patrons don’t want to grocery shop in Salisbury, get petrol, or buy children’s… Continue Reading →

A Peter The Great Move Needed:

A Peter The Great Move Needed: Yes, supposedly Trump is now expelling Russian diplomats from the US. Although it is “showy” and captures news headlines, how is it going to harm Moscow or change Moscow? Even if they broke off… Continue Reading →

If I Were May Or Trump

If I Were May Or Trump: If I were May I would not stop making a point to the Russians until the point is actually made. You cannot have Russia attacking England with chemical weapons and endangering innocent civilians in… Continue Reading →

Crackdown On The Russians

Crackdown On The Russians: I am forwarding an article from National Review that Gary read to me last night about the Russians. This says that Cameron when he was PM was trying to get rid of anonymous real estate investments… Continue Reading →

Russia And The Nerve Agent

Russia And The Nerve Agent: Where you get the idea that dysfunctional countries have all this power I have no idea except that it makes a good story. First you think North Korea is a threat. Now you think Russia… Continue Reading →

Is May Right In Blaming The Russian Government?

Is May Right In Blaming The Russian Government? It depends what you think of as the “Russian government”. Is the government just Putin? Or does it include the top generals and other influential people like the Mayor of Moscow? This… Continue Reading →

Helga von Wessel And Frankenstein In Denali

Helga von Wessel And Frankenstein In Denali: Edward thought at first that Churchill was sending him to investigate an apocryphal story. He imagined that his mission would set it to rest for all time the legend about the vamp. Surely… Continue Reading →

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