1933, the year of the Old Faithful Plot, the alternative history thriller soon to be published by Cheops Books, LLC, was the year of three great rhetoricians in politics: FDR, Adolf Hitler, and Winston Churchill. In 1933 Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany. Hitler was always good at making speeches and working the crowd. He was positively theatrical, acting as if he were on a stage with his rhetorical flourishes and dramatic moves. FDR had just become the American President and was inaugurated in March with his famous “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself” speech. It was probably the most dramatic and noteworthy inaugural address of all times on this day, January 20, of the Trump inaugural. Lurking in the background in 1933 was the famous British speechmaker, Winston Churchill, who was still a backbencher, excluded from the Conservative Government of his day but soon to come to the fore in politics. He was the become the biggest and most famous of rhetoricians of the twentieth century. It was such an era of rhetoric that even the movie producer character in King Kong, which came out in 1933, made thematic speeches in the movie. He delivered the last lines of the movie about beauty and the beast.