Starting Thursday, February 16 until February 23 Gypsy will be offered as a Kindle Countdown Special for only $.99. But hurry! This young adult thriller will not be offered on special again this year. Gypsy continues the Cheops Books LLC Special Promotions of novels about the greater Yellowstone ecosystem as a lead up to publication of the Old Faithful Plot later this year.
Lila moves to northern Montana with her parents. Her father is a crime novelist. But the story she finds in the newspaper on the doorstep sounds far more wild than any of his tales. Apparently a young man and woman, both Gypsies, boarded a train recently and played cards with a group of teenage boys and girls. The boys and girls were never the same again. All seem to be staring out the window watching for something. One mother apparently went outside in the snow to see what her daughter was staring at. She found a peculiar footprint or paw print, it was hard to tell which. It looked partly human but also like a grizzly, too. The mother hired a trapper. Neither could figure it out.
Lila can hardly believe it until she looks down at the snow herself. She sees the same phenomenal print. Is somebody after her? The whole town? What is going on here? She had better figure it out before she ends up in a murder thriller herself.

Gypsy is brought to you by Edward Ware Thrillers YA, an imprint of Cheops Books LLC. If you liked Gypsy, you will enjoy other young adult thrillers by Linda Cargill such as Dream, Candle, Bienville, Desert, and Ancestress.