The fifth chapter of Captive at the Berghof: Part 1 has been posted on the website in the German-language serialization section. We are serializing the novel chapter by chapter as it is translated. When we get to the last chapter, we will publish a special German edition of part 1 on and It will be the first thriller that Cheops Books LLC has ever translated into a foreign language.
We thought it was appropriate. After all the Edward Ware Thrillers at War series of historical thrillers concerns itself mostly with World War 1 and World War 2 and with the British and Americans fighting the Germans first under the Kaiser and then under Hitler. It is a particularly “German” topic about the “German question”. Also the author, Linda Cargill, worked for a German publisher, Cora Verlag, for years turning out thrillers. So it seemed like the novel to pick.
Hitler has found out about Colonel Sir Edward Ware’s secret undercover activities for Winston Churchill, and he’s playing hardball. He kidnaps Thomasina, Edward’s daughter, and won’t give the child back unless Edward and his wife, Dora, hand over the key to world domination – the Lawrence maps. They’d better do something fast before Thomasina truly becomes Hitler’s daughter.
In the future Cheops Books LLC plans to translate the Cherusci Plot into German also. That historical thriller about the Roman era takes place in 9 AD when the Cherusci tribe massacred Caesar Augustus’s best three legions and stopped the progress of the Roman Empire at the Rhine River. They could not progress towards the Elbe River and what is now Hamburg. It is a topic of strong German interest that changed the course of Western Civilization for the past two thousand years.