Cheops Books And The Mystery Genre:

What occurs to me about mysteries and style is that the mystery genre could not have evolved at all if it were not for the development of the third person limited point of view. Think about it. If all you had for a point of view was omniscient or the omniscient narrator (all-knowing) it would be impossible to have a mystery and the mystery genre. The narrator would be like God. He would always know who did it. All this happened in the 19th century, so mysteries are a newer kind of fiction unlike romances which go back to ancient times and the Hellenistic period.

Cheops Books LLC issues almost all of its books in the mystery genre and all of them use the third person limited. This autumn our entire line up consists of mysteries and thrillers. On September 15 we published Dark 3: Special Edition, the third book in the Dark Series. On October 15 we will publish Hitler’s Agent, book 6 of the Edward Ware Thrillers at War Series. On November 1 we are scheduled to publish Dark 1. On November 8 we are scheduled to publish Dark 2. And finally on November 15 we are to publish Dark: A Trilogy, a collection that includes the text of all the Dark novels including Dark 1, Dark 2, and Dark 3. It features a special cover designed by Andrew. On December 15 Cheops Books LLC will publish Captive at the Berghof: Part 1 in German, the first issue in a foreign language. This novel is also making a trip to the Frankfurt Book Fair in Germany this autumn.